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Ed Cates West Lafayette, United States of America

Browser by mtux 100 comments

This is looking really good. Thanks for starting it. I have a couple of feature requests:
Handling direct messages (sending and receiving)A way to go "offline," i.e. have choqoK not update the timeline, and just idle in the system tray

I have piggybacked apacheblogger's work, and compiled .debs for his kde-nightly builds (KDE 4.2) for Kubuntu Intrepid. They can be found at Just for i386 and amd64, installs in /opt, etc.

I'm now using this on my work machine and my laptop . . . nothing but love for it so far! - Jan 08 2009

Network by George666 199 comments

I've compiled neon-ktorrent-3.2beta1 packages for Intrepid (amd64|i386). I named it neon-ktorrent because it's compiled against the Qt/KDE 4.2 "nightly" builds from Project Neon (

The Ktorrent package and necessary libqca2 stuff can be found at my tiny little apt repository:

I'm very new to crafting .DEBs, so please forgive any wonkiness with the packages. I plan on getting debugging packages built ASAP, because I know they'd be really useful.

I've been running these packages on my laptop (i386) and desktop at work (amd64) for a couple of weeks now, and they are working great for me. - Dec 29 2008

by mtux

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Jan 08 2009