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Amarok 1.x Scripts
Video Players
Dragon Player

Video Players 278 comments

by eean
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Feb 26 2008
This might be implemented in Dragon Player released with KDE 4.1. I was kind of waiting to see what people liked, I wasn't sure. - Feb 22 2008
Then use Kaffeine? Personally when I want a minimal player I just launch mplayer from konsole. Use the right tool for the job.

Any additional feature that is added to Dragon Player has to either require no additional default buttons or options (like I'm thinking of showing some metadata when playing an audio file) or is one that is required to have access to a movie (external subtitle file support). - Jan 16 2008
I don't plan on it. Amarok used to let you hide the menu bar and such, but people would do it accidental and then not know how to get it back.

Just use fullscreen mode if you want to fully watch the movie, otherwise honestly the toolbar and such isn't taking up too many pixels. - Jan 14 2008
Added, thanks for the help! I really want people to use Dragon Player and let me know if anything is going wrong. The 2.0 stable release should be in a couple of weeks. - Jan 11 2008
Codeine is now my primary player, but there's a few minor things that would make it perfect.
*Being able to skip forward and backward like 10 seconds. I see there is already something bound to the left and right arrow keys that should do that, but it doesn't work (skips to the beginning). I suspect this is a xine-lib bug since amaroK has a similar issue.
*The cursor should disappear when unmoving for a few seconds over playing video. I imagine this somehow possible.
*The 'fullscreen' option on the movie context menu is bound to u instead of f. :) - Jul 23 2005
Now it is part of portage:
So I would perhaps link to that instead of the bug report. Or just state that it is in portage.

They also made codeine dependent on scons instead of using the shipped version. Not sure if thats good or not. :)

Its still in ~amd64 and ~x86, I'll try and remember to drop them an email to remind them to make it amd64 and x86 in a couple of weeks. - Jul 21 2005
And they all have independent menu systems?

Sounds a little legally dubious.

- Jul 21 2005
Its only one line, you can do it manually. - Jul 21 2005
Hey mxcl!

I've submitted an ebuild for Gentoo:

Scons was acting up on me when I tried to make an ebuild before (it was breaking sandbox), but this time it worked on the first try. - Jul 20 2005
Why? And no it wouldn't. - Jun 10 2005
Heh, if you do that it might not be stable. It is what we make of it. - May 12 2005
heh, nevermind 3.3.4.

It compiled fine on a computer for 3.4.3 but didn't for 3.3.5. I guess this is what the issue is. - May 12 2005
Which version of GCC do you use? - May 12 2005
Now that two people have requested it here, I'll ask... what possible advantage would gstreamer have over xine? From amaroK gstreamer consistently has more problems, (probably from being newer then xine). Especially given the extra cost in complexity that codeine having more then one engine would have.

I don't see it happening. Mxcl shouldn't be adding such features... he should be working on amaroK instead. ;) - Apr 14 2005
Amarok2 Simple Playlist

Desktop Concepts 6 comments

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Nov 23 2007
I was asking because Hydrogen and I were debating on the merits of having more then one piece of information (eg Title .. Album) on one line.

He thinks this is too crowded, and wants all playlist items to have just the one datum per line like you show for the Albums header here. Then tracks by themselves would have a third line where it would have the title and track length.

I'm worried this solution might use up too much vertical space. Especially in a situation with a shuffled playlist (eg a dynamic playlist) ever track would have three lines.

But I see the issue Hydrogen brought up as well.

Just something to chew on! :) - Nov 24 2007
Great looking mockup. Just got a couple of questions.
  • I'm wondering what your opinions are for what tracks should look like when they are not part of an album.
  • Why do collapsed albums still show one track?
  • - Nov 23 2007

    Audioplayers 574 comments

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    Aug 01 2011
    This problem should be resolved in 1.4.3.

    Or just quit Amarok before closing KDE. - Sep 05 2006
    There hasn't been any new Qt requirements. amaroK requires whatever KDE 3.3 requries. What do you mean by "slightly outdated"? - Aug 02 2005
    Amarok: wallpaper

    Various Artwork 1 comment

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    Aug 09 2006
    That is neat looking. Amarok is a music player, makes sense that it might be Gothic at times. ;) is probably what you want for a license. - Aug 10 2006

    Amarok 1.x Scripts 191 comments

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    Mar 12 2009
    No, we seriously don't understand what your point is. - Jul 13 2006

    Amarok 1.x Scripts 32 comments

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    Dec 29 2008 is handled differently in Amarok, so it wouldn't be possible with a script like this. - Jul 03 2006

    Browser 127 comments

    by whilo
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    Feb 25 2009
    Kblogger doesn't work for me, and I have no idea why not because no errors are given at all. I click 'send' and absolutely nothing happens. I put in the URL of my blog ( ), and no blog id thing comes up. - Jun 22 2006

    Cursors 9 comments

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    Jan 09 2005
    Lol, we need to redesign our OS for cursor themes. - Sep 19 2005

    Amarok Themes 28 comments

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    Jul 18 2005
    Could you please provide the SVG (or whatever the source format is) for the splash screen at least?

    Doesn't follow the spirit of the GPL otherwise. - Aug 09 2005

    Utilities 31 comments

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    Oct 03 2007
    No it doesn't. kdesvn-build is often used without any root access. Its simply one python script. Just download it somewhere, and add it to the PATH, this is what kdesvn-build does I believe. I'd advise againist making it an optional, since then people might not use it. - Aug 05 2005
    Firetech already has it a TODO to automatically fetch and use unsermake, like kdesvn-build does. :) - Aug 05 2005
    Fahrenheit Window Decoration

    KDE 3.x Window Decorations 50 comments

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    Dec 09 2007
    I haven't downloaded this, but I'll just say that as a rule, you shouldn't force your users to run make -f Makefile.cvs.
    Its Makefile.cvs for a reason, your supposed to run it before making the tar. - Aug 03 2005

    Amarok 1.x Scripts 8 comments

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    Sep 05 2005
    Depends on your distro. - Jul 25 2005
    Kopete Yahoo! Sound Events!

    System Sounds 5 comments

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    Jun 09 2005
    Is this really GPL? oO - Jul 21 2005

    Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements 27 comments

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    Jul 17 2005
    "Being more responsive to patches/improvements coming from the KDE community"
    Um, what about styleclock, superkaramba, kompmgr and I believe akregator as well all came from kde-apps. Given how easy it is to get KDE SVN access, its hard to make the agrument that KDE could be more responive IMO.

    I do agree that like Konqueror especially has way to many options. There needs to be a clear method of gaining agreement to remove options (like, why do I care what font settings are used for various time periods in my History view). - Jul 19 2005
    amaroK Web Frontend

    Audio Apps 63 comments

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    Dec 18 2005
    This isn't working with the Get New Scripts in amaroK because it links to sourceforge site instead of an actual download location. Its only 97k, you could just upload it to directly.

    Also, it needs to have the amarokscript.tar.bz2 extension. Thanks.

    Now I'll actually rename it, install and try it out. :) - Jul 03 2005

    Amarok 1.x Scripts 3 comments

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    Jun 21 2005
    Yea, kdialog was introduced before amaroK itself probably so thats not an issue. I think kdialog is part of kdebase, not kdelibs though. So just list kdebase and wget as the prerequisites. - Jun 21 2005
    funky monkey - amaroK

    Wallpaper Other 4 comments

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    Jun 19 2005
    This is cool. I look forward to the CSS theme. - Jun 20 2005
    DeepSky Cursor Theme Slackware

    Cursors 9 comments

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    May 04 2005
    well, it should just be a normal cursor package installable with kcontrol. - May 19 2005
    crystal Gentoo bootsplash

    Bootsplash Various 9 comments

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    Sep 04 2006
    Don't listen to the nay-sayers, the KDE logo is what makes this fbsplash unique. I'm sure there's plenty of generic Gentoo splashs already. - May 19 2005
    Amarok Shouter

    Amarok 1.x Scripts 98 comments

    by jbell
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    Oct 03 2006
    This works for Pocket Tunes for Palm. Now you can listen to your amaroK on-the-go (or at least, any where in range of a wireless network). ;) - May 17 2005
    That was our first thought as well. I expect it'll probably be in 1.3. - Mar 25 2005
    um, why don't you give us some clue as to when this happens. - Mar 25 2005
    AmaroK XUL Remote

    Amarok 1.x Scripts 116 comments

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    May 23 2007
    Well, no it shouldn't since it only works with Firefox. However, amaroK 1.3 will make it really easy to install scripts so it will be brought to "the masses". - May 08 2005
    Oh, well patchs are even better. - May 03 2005
    Tried it out, seems to work great.

    Outside of your TODO list, it'd be cool to be able to turn on and off party mode but thats not until 1.3.

    Please make bugs for any DCOP actions you might need, we like supporting our script writers. :) Looks like you want a `dcop amarok playlist removeByIndex(int)` ? - May 02 2005

    Amarok 1.x Scripts 20 comments

    by eean
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    Feb 12 2005
    I just tried without an uplistingrc installed and it worked fine. Sounds like you have everthing installed right. Don't know what it could be. - May 03 2005
    With the KDE RC1. Or wait for KDE 3.4 to come by a distro near you - as Calvin's dad would say, it will build character. - Mar 12 2005
    If Korundum gets KNewStuff support, I plan on writing a KNewStuff script so that amaroK would have it before 3.4 becomes a dependency. Looking at the source code for wallpaper downloader in kdebase it looks very simple to implement. - Feb 06 2005
    This is a valid point. I wanted to depend on Korundum 3.3.2, but came accross some parts missing in the API that got fixed recently. Actually I tried using Kommander instead, but found that doing KIO with the kfm client is pretty limited (an interface like the CLI client `ftp` to KIO would be nice) so switched back to Korundum. The bright side is that I've found a few holes in Korundum's API that Richard Dale has been filling. - Feb 06 2005
    amaroK 1.3 Splash

    KDE 3.x Splash Screens 7 comments

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    May 02 2005
    This isn't an amaroK theme (a CSS style for the context browser). This category will be used by amaroK 1.3 to download new themes, so it would be confusing to have other things here.

    Somehow kde-look needs to make this more clear.

    I'm not sure where the splash screen screen should go instead, just that its not here. ;) - May 01 2005
    Amarok yellow moon icon

    Icon Sub-Sets 3 comments

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    Mar 30 2005
    The icon doesn't look like anything when smaller then 32x32. That was one of the major problems with icons during the contest... artists should make a small icon and not worry so much about it scaling up, since I've never seen scaling up being an issue (at least for SVG). - Apr 09 2005

    Utilities 7 comments

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    Mar 26 2005
    Heh, well, never mind on the argument point. I was just confused by your screen shot. quotes aren't necessary. - Mar 27 2005
    Why don't you 'include Math' and not force people to type Math.sin? It would also be trivial to not require the quotes around the agrument, and just concat all the agruments given together.

    There is a definite need for a GUI shell-esque math app that isn't Mathematica or Maxima. I'm currently using irb, but it would be nice to have something could make the input pretty. - Mar 27 2005
    amaroK Desktop Script

    Amarok 1.x Scripts 88 comments

    by Kner
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    Feb 13 2005
    I would find it kind hard to believe. All this script does really is make a window without borders, it doesn't actually mess around with your background at all as far as I can tell. - Feb 04 2005

    by amarok

    Score 77.0%
    Jan 07 2009