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Giuseppe Benigno Pisa, Italy
Dolphin Service Menus
KDE 5 Service Menu PDF

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Apr 22 2018
Hi, I'm sorry but you can't do it, at moment.
You need do it in two step.

Giuseppe Benigno - Jun 04 2014
Hi all,
I'm sorry for long time of absence.
Work and other take all my time.

For now the site is
A good info:
early you can install from repositories of debian/kubuntu directly.

Thank you to all.
Giuseppe Benigno - Aug 05 2013
I'm sorry for delay :-(

tnx for your help.
I'm working to fix it.

Giuseppe Benigno - Dec 27 2011
Thank you,
I've fixed it and added it in the next version.

Giuseppe Benigno - Dec 27 2011
tnx, I added it in the next release :-)

Giuseppe Benigno - Dec 27 2011
can you explain me in better way, please?

I not have problem with pdftk->join action.

Giuseppe Benigno - Dec 04 2010
Hi, for kde3: sorry but in this time I not have a kde3 distro. please wait 2/3 weeks.

for print pdf: I can try :-)

tnx, bye - Aug 26 2010
Hi, I added djvu support.
Thank you again for your hint.

Giuseppe Benigno - Aug 24 2010
I forgotten ... this version is for you and all arch users, tnx to Felix Mauch. - Aug 24 2010
hey, thank you.

Finally there is a new version.

My best regards :-)
Giuseppe Benigno - Aug 24 2010
I'm sorry but it's ok for me.
Can you explain what you do?
(pdf filename, and option of service menu you used)

Filename: aaa.pdf
Action: convert to text -> All pages -> ...

Thank you very much. - Jun 10 2010
I see this in this next days and fix it.

best regards
Giuseppe - Jun 04 2010
hi marusmk.
Good idea for the next release :-)

Thank you
- Feb 10 2010
tnx kax, I add this in the next release :-)

My regards - Nov 23 2009
are you on kde3? it's correct? - May 12 2009
Hi, I do it.
Now you can choose from various settings (screen, default, ebook, print, prepress).

bye - Mar 22 2009
yes, sure!
the next time I do this :-)

thank you - Feb 06 2009
Use you kde3?
You discovered a little bug :-)
I use kde4 and oxygen icons then I not have kde3.x icons.
When I have a free time I change servicemenus for kde3 and correct this problem.

Thanks a lot.
Regards - Dec 21 2008
I hope this issues became fix in bit time.
I not use gentoo and in debian it's all ok.
I used pdftk because I not know others software with some features.

If you have some hints you are welcome.

Regards - Dec 21 2008
Hi Dotan,
I not have idea how to this.
I now try to know more on this and, if it possible, I add in a servicemenu.

The only ways at the moment I know are:
-import and edit pdf file with openoffice 3.0 (draw + pdf extension)
-use little windows software with wine for now.

Sorry, Regards
Giuseppe Benigno - Dec 07 2008
Ok, I implemented this feature :-)
Thanks to chepioq for hint.

Regards - Dec 05 2008
I hope fix all bugs :-)
I added some menu and message dialog too.

Thank you for your comment
- Dec 05 2008
For preview sorry but kdialog not permit this.
Can you specify your request, please?
DPI in psdtobooklet or in other servicemenus?

- Dec 02 2008
I can add this in the next release of this servicemenus. :-)

Thank you a lot. - Nov 29 2008
Oops sorry,
I did not understand you.
This servicemenus are only a GUI for pdftk, pdfjam and poppler-utils softwares.

I think you need a external software for this.

Good luck
bye - Nov 24 2008
You are welcome, a thousand times over.

:-D - Nov 24 2008
>is it possible to kompress a pdf file?
Yes, using gzip or other compress software.

In this servicemenu:
raw pdf file -> compress -> pdf file
pdf file -> decompress -> raw pdf file

I copying Compress and decompress name from man pages of pdftk.

Hi - Nov 24 2008
hi Sagittarius,
your is a good idea!
I'm very busy in this moment but i make changes at first free time.

Thank you.

Egregorion - Jun 23 2006
I'm sorry for the 404 error, my hosting is down at this moment.
I've redirect the download link.

bye - Jun 22 2006
Excuse me, I've misunderstood your comment.

The link works perfectly for me and my friends.

I've sent the tool to your e-mail address :-)

bye - May 21 2006
If pdf file is protected. you can't use some operations. - May 21 2006
Hi, you can't unlock a protect pdf without password but you can use kghostview for print page's images.
You can print the protect pdf in a file ;-)

Bye - May 21 2006
I try to work and no error found.

I try go to google and search "pdf linux sound". I work on first link and all fine.

Can you mail the your link or specify the problems?

Thanks - May 21 2006
KDE 5 Service Menu EncFS

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Apr 25 2018
Ok, I fixed my error.

Thank you.
Giuseppe Benigno - Jan 27 2012
Download the new version :-D - Jan 20 2012
You're right, tnx for your help.

Giuseppe Benigno - Jan 19 2012
Sorry, I'm waiting for german translation, 2/3 days. - Jan 19 2012
Ok, tnx to all.
I've added fix for any distro without fuse group.
... in the next release

Giuseppe Benigno - Dec 28 2011
Tnx for your translation.

Giuseppe Benigno - Dec 28 2011
Tnx for your help.

Giuseppe Benigno - Dec 28 2011
Thank you very much :-)

I fixed it in kde4 and kde3 version.

My regards
Giuseppe Benigno - May 13 2009
thanks :-)
- May 12 2009
Thank you :-)

It's fixed.

Regards - Apr 28 2007
KDE Partition Manager

System Software 104 comments

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Sep 01 2010
great software!!

Have you possibility add GPT partition table management?

Thank you very much.
- Sep 25 2009
Steghide servicemenu

Dolphin Service Menus 2 comments

by swed
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Sep 05 2006
I made a steghide servicemenu for kde3 and kde4 at

Thanks and good work.
Giuseppe Benigno
- May 18 2009
Subversion Service Menus

Dolphin Service Menus 2 comments

by Yaba
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Sep 17 2008
Thank you, good work.

Regards - Dec 07 2008

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May 10 2009
NConvert is not open-source software.
It have a limited use possibility too ...
Why you not use convert from Imagemagik package?

Bye - Dec 06 2008
thank you very much - Nov 26 2008
Chameleon Xcursors

Cursors 34 comments

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May 14 2006
Yes, I use a script. I will release soon. It's not ready yet. ;-) - May 14 2006
I resolved it put in my xorg.conf file the line:

Option "HWCursor" "off"

in the nvidia section.

I use mplayer for playng video files.
if you have problem may be depend by you xorg config file.
I not have problem, my friend too.

What player you use?

Bye - May 08 2006
7zG service menu

Dolphin Service Menus
by koko2k

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Jan 27 2012
G Theme Pack

by Saleel

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Feb 09 2011

by Noughmad

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Aug 31 2010

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements
by ivancukic

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Feb 10 2010
Service Menu Manager

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements
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Nov 23 2009
G Theme Pack

by Saleel

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