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Elias  Alves , Brazil
Cairo-Dock Themes
wood cairo dock

Cairo-Dock Themes 2 comments

Score 58.0%
Feb 24 2013

What did you do to make your modifications? I did some modifications on my dock , but i was not able to fix minors problems, for exemple a blank square before battery icon render.

Here is my theme: - Feb 25 2013

Full Icon Themes 6 comments

Score 72.1%
Oct 10 2012
There is no link to download it !! When i try to download it , just display a .png image on the screen !! - Oct 10 2012
Sphere folder glass

Icon Sub-Sets 1 comment

Score 61.7%
Sep 08 2012
Awesome ! i love these icons ! Nice job !! - Aug 28 2012
Sphere psd construction file

Icon Sub-Sets 3 comments

Score 56.0%
Jul 14 2012
How do you know the names that icons are used by the system? i am looking in folders from others item themes and when i make my own icon i use its name and put it in the folder theme sphere 1.2 , but some icons i could not find their names used in system(ubuntu 12.04).

Thank you - Aug 07 2012
Very well, now i can fix those different icons!! Tell me how can i send you the icons i created using your file .psd!! - Jul 16 2012
Score 56.0%
Jul 16 2012