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Elia Cogodi

Metacity Themes by elven 2 comments

I'm not sure about which of the borders
you are talking. If you meant the widgets'
border, it is hard coded as a dull grey
in the gtk theme. If you are talking about
the window border (this being a comment to
the metacity theme, after all ) it is a
thick black border when focused and a
thinner border when not focused. The colour
when not focused is taken from gtk theme
("insensitive foreground" colour).
The one in the picture should be the one
you get when using the vignette gtk theme,
but it depends on your gtk theme.
E - Aug 18 2004

GTK2 Themes by elven 6 comments

Fixed in 0.9.1 - Jul 20 2004

GTK2 Themes by elven 6 comments

Thank you for the feedback, must have forgot that png image while packaging. Will fix asap :) - Jul 20 2004

GTK2 Themes by elven 3 comments

Thanks for the suggestions.
When you talk of the pushed buttons do you mean the ones used in window applications, or the ones used in panel applets (as you can see from the screenshot eg the taskbar buttons are more square)
On the subject of the yellow underline, yes, it's pretty eye-striking. Sort of chose that intentionally as yellow-on-greyish clearly means "attention, look here" :) - Jun 21 2004

Metacity Themes by elven 5 comments

I will look into it. I'm not sure of the effect with some choices of gtk colours tho :) - Jun 18 2004