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em 007a
XP Login GDM

GDM Themes by finchair 23 comments

I don't happen to like XP, but I have to say it was very nicely done. Looking forward to the next one! - Aug 16 2007
Red Rock Canyon

Wallpaper Other by em007a 2 comments


Your close. (Utah borders Nevada). This was taken at Red Rock Canyon near Las Vegas. - Aug 14 2007

Wallpaper Other by nakinub 2 comments

Love the colors. What type of frog is this? - Aug 14 2007
new transparent panels

Various Gnome Stuff by danito 6 comments

1) Unpack t desired folder.
2) Right-click on panel and choose "properties".
3) Select "Background tab.
4) Choose "Background Image".
- Jul 28 2007