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Plasma 4 Extensions 145 comments

by Emdek
Score 76.7%
Feb 04 2012
KDE5 is incompatible, requires rewriting C++ based plasmoids from scratch...
Right now there are no plans to port it, if someone would like to help with that then feel free to contact me.
Personally I find KRunner acceptable, but not perfect. - Dec 10 2018
I'm 99% positive that it happens due to way how Plasma::ComboBox is painted (very hacky way, apparently not tested enough, since almost nobody uses Plasma styled combo boxes...).
The only way to fix this (and other visual glitches) would be to reimplement whole combo box widget, but I'm not sure if this is possible (it requires access to Plasma style classes etc., I'm not sure if all needed API is public).

It may make more sense to produce version that simply doesn't use Plasma styled widget, fancy background isn't worth numerous painting bugs (incorrect colors, clipped text etc.). Or try to do custom combo box like widget directly in QML (since it will be required anyway for KDE5/Plasma2). - Sep 22 2013
Otter Browser

Browser 15 comments

by Emdek
Score 84.1%
Jan 01 2019
It's already sort of possible using Qt stylesheets (you can try darcula, there are more on the web too), you can set in Preferences -> Advanced -> Appearance (note that usage of stylesheets might impact performance).
Proper color palette configuration will land soonish, it's in design phase right now (most likely configuration UI will be similar to Colors KCM from KDE, perhaps mixing in fonts too). - Jan 03 2018
Kind of static build using --portable to set profile directory nxt to binary file?
Should be doable, when properly packaged, although I have not tried to compile QtWebKit statically yet. - Feb 01 2015
Thanks. :-)
It will take some time, 1.0 won't show up sooner than in September. - Mar 11 2014
Yeah, both are planned (I'm looking for algorithm for fast matching of URLs, so it could be as fast as possible). ;-)
Some testing and general feedback are always nice. :-) - Jan 05 2014
Window List

Plasma 4 Extensions 21 comments

by Emdek
Score 63.3%
Sep 03 2009
I doubt that there will be any new version (at least it is very unlikely in case of KDE4), this applet is part of kdebase for several years and AFAIK now there is also different version for KDE5 (most likely even simpler). - Dec 03 2015
Fancy Tasks

Plasma 4 Extensions 570 comments

by Emdek
Score 84.4%
Jun 10 2012
QML port is of course planned, but there is no ETA yet.
Right now KDE 5 is hardly usable (at least version found in Kubuntu 15.10) and I'm busy with my other project (Otter Browser).
Perhaps I'll find some time for porting in first quarter of 2016, but most likely I'll start with Adjustable Clock. - Dec 03 2015
I'll try to create new packages soon, maybe even creating some PPA. - Sep 02 2015
Are you using binary packages?

If you can build from source then recompiling should be enough. - Aug 23 2015
Thanks for report, I will take a look into that issue when I will have some free time (probably not soon).
The real fix would be to finally ditch *libtaskmanager*, but I'm not sure if it makes sense for 4.x which will be dead quite soon anyway... - Feb 12 2014

No ETA for 2.0, that version would be definitely for KDE5. For KDE4 there might be 1.2 (without direct dependency on libtaskmanager, but also without QML as it would give little benefit for KDE5 porting, APIs are too different - QtQuick 2.x is far better than that in Qt4, though still far behind QWidgets / QGraphicsView in terms of available APIs). - Dec 09 2013
And if you found any bugs then please report them here or on github (after checking if those are unique to this applet, and not common to all users of libtaskmanager, for example default tasks applet). - Nov 27 2013
Nope, it is not. ;-)
I just do not have much free time recently and KDE4 is almost dead now but there is no KDE5 yet (which will force applet rewrite from scratch). - Nov 27 2013
You should try it as applet. ;-)

Custom panels are extremely broken and limited in KDE4, for some reason configuration gets messed up and they can end up on wrong edge, with wrong alignment and size, after each start of plasma-desktop.

I'm going to remove that panel from package anyway, it causes more issues than it gives gains. - Oct 29 2013
Moreover, panel is marked as experimental, should not be used if not needed. Some people wanted to have such option but it is impossible to have properly working custom panel of that type in KDE4. - Oct 29 2013
5. To get bigger icons you have to increase height of panel. - Oct 29 2013
1. To remove launchers go to Arrangement tab and remove all entries from Current entries except of ---tasks area---.
2. To change animation go to Appearance and set Moving between icons to Zoom.
3. If you get crashes then it would be nice to get backtraces so I could try to fix them (I've not seen any for years, libtaskmanager does not change much now so there are less issues). Works fine with KDE 4.11.
4. If grouping or sorting does not work correctly then it might be issue in libtaskamanger and then none of task managers will work correctly since all of theme depend on that library. - Oct 29 2013
You need to recompile from sources (instructions in INSTALL file), I guess that ABI of libtaskmanager got changed again so it fails to load. - Oct 29 2013
Adjustable Clock

Plasma 4 Extensions 354 comments

by Emdek
Score 84.3%
Nov 01 2013
I am preparing to do so, you can follow this ticket:
I am hoping to have some usable results before then end of September, assuming that being forced to use QML will not have too big negative impact on features. - Aug 23 2015
It works correctly, when used correctly.
If you have issues with WYSIWYG then you should use source editor or ask someone to help you. - Jul 27 2014
Nope, they sync with Debian so they have outdated version: - Mar 17 2014
You can try to compile it. ;-)
It's not that hard but you will have to install some packages first: cmake, gcc, kdelibs5-dev, kdebase-workspace-dev.
Then run in Konsole and that should be enough.

Your IP might be blocked on the server, you can send me it using private message, so I could ask administrators to unlock it. - Mar 16 2014
It's binary applet, these cannot be distributed using GHNS due to compatibility reasons...

What exactly doesn't work for you? Page itself or downloaded package?
There are only packages for 64 bit, newest being plasma-widget-adjustableclock_4.1.4_amd64.deb. - Mar 10 2014
Yes (except getting name of current user), it would have to react to event generated on hour change, do value comparison and substitute value. - Feb 22 2014
Is it current version?
Similar issues were fixed recently, in 4.1.3. - Jan 16 2014
Here is modified version with added logging of wheel event, Applet.cpp and Applet.h:

To produce standard version with disabled mouse wheel simply copy in appropriate places declaration and implementation of wheelEvent(QGraphicsSceneWheelEvent *event).
Implementation should contain only this line:
That should be sufficient to ignore them by libplasmaclock. - Nov 18 2013
It is a feature of libplasmaclock.
It is the main reason for allowing selection of multiple time zones, showing them in a tooltip is more like only additional use of them. ;-)
All of that are standard features of all Plasma based clocks.

If that conclusion will be confirmed then the only workaround would be to disable switching them by mouse wheel completely and such change will not be upstreamed.
Although it would be extremely easy to patch it each time (addition of ~5 lines of code in two files). - Nov 17 2013
According to:

2013.11.14 09:30:57 - ChangeEngineTimezone called
(timezone: Europe/Paris, old: Local, new:
2013.11.14 09:30:57 - ChangeEngineTimezone called
(timezone: Europe/London, old: Europe/Paris, new:

Error seems to be generated somewhere in libplasmaclock, for some reason it send twice request to change time zone...
And as far I can see in sources of that library that request is generated only when it reads configuration or when there is wheelEvent.

Do you want to try version that will also log mouse wheel events to confirm or disprove this conclusion?
Maybe some kind of glitch generates it while cursor is located over clock. - Nov 17 2013
Thanks, I will analyze it further when I will have some free time (hopefully before end of the weekend) but it seems that it will give the answer. ;-) - Nov 14 2013
I doubt that it got fixed in recent updates. ;-)
It could be more likely fixed by changes in KDE itself. - Nov 03 2013
Sorry for delay, here is updated applet/Applet.cpp code:
Just replace contents of that file and recompile.

It should create file adjustableclock.log in home directory and add some data each time timezone gets changed (manually, when reading configuration etc.).

When you will spot that error again then please attach all lines from that day (each has timestamp). If that file will grow too big then you can simply delete it, it should be recreated automatically.

If you have more instances of this applet then it will need small adjustment. - Nov 02 2013
Confirmed, somehow I have missed this one when preparing rules to fire update event...

Should be fixed in git now, thanks for report. :-)

BTW, it should be enough to use mouse wheel over applet and temporarily change timezone. ;-) - Oct 28 2013
I have no idea, it might be Plasma returning invalid configuration values, but I've seen such things (invalid configuration values, returning defaults) only in plasmoidviewer when there is no configChanged() method implemented (or clockConfigChanged() in case of clocks).
Although it should mess up other settings too...

I'm afraid that there is need to do some debugging. I can prepare special version that would write debug data to log file, to find out culprit. - Oct 21 2013
Is that new issue reproducible?
Could you add testing instance with the same configuration but showing some additional timezone data (like timezone city name)?
Tooltip is unimportant in this case, it is default one for all kinds of clocks in Plasma (unless overwritten by custom settings). - Oct 06 2013
Well, it is different scenario, these dialogs for sure will not mess one with another (except issues in case if too many of them will be opened simultaneously).
I will reevaluate that lock anyway, maybe there is a way to avoid it without introducing possible issues.

AFAIR alt_tab switcher will still work. :-) - Sep 28 2013
Do you mean Klipper?
It is not a plasmoid, but a separate application.
If you know about a plasmoid that is able to do such a trick then I could check how they do that. :-) - Sep 28 2013
Well, in fact the true default there is Segoe WP (choice by submitter of this theme). ;-)
I will try to tweak it again when I will have some free time.

I cannot reproduce it using some random fonts, maybe that was some kind of random glitch, please report if it will hit you again. - Sep 27 2013
Does it have font set to default one?
AFAIR there might be issues with some fonts which are hard to avoid... - Sep 27 2013
I'm afraid that it has to stay as is for now, that alternative way does not lock configuration dialog at all... - Sep 27 2013
The answer is yes, and no. ;-)
These dialogs should block configuration dialog only but since whole Plasma is a single application then setModal(true) block access to desktop (which is also a kind of window)...
But it seems that there might be a way to do it properly (lock configuration dialog only) by using setWindowModality(Qt::WindowModal).
I will try that out and if it will work as intended then it will land in repository to be included in next release. - Sep 27 2013
It seems that you use incorrect component name, it should be:
<span component="DayOfWeek" options="'text': true">Saturday</span>
Anyway, thanks for reminding me that earlier mentioned fix should be finally released (along few other minor fixes). ;-) - Sep 27 2013
Nope, it is not and I forgot about that. ;-(
I was planning to finish weather integration earlier and release it all together, but that got delayed...
I will release new version soon, for now you can use code from master branch (secondary source download link). - Sep 27 2013
Thanks for testing. :-) - Jun 13 2013
I've modified comparison code in master, could you please confirm that it solves that issue? - Jun 13 2013
Those are send conditionally for a reason. ;-)
Proper solution would be to intercept resume signal or change comparison to compare with cached previous QDateTime value.
The latter probably makes more sense. - Jun 12 2013
You should use the same syntax as used in Clipboard Actions editor.
For example:
Clock.getValue(Clock.Year) + '-' + Clock.getValue(Clock.Month) + '-' + Clock.getValue(Clock.DayOfMonth) + ' ' + Clock.getValue(Clock.Hour) + ':' + Clock.getValue(Clock.Minute) + ':' + Clock.getValue(Clock.Second) - Jun 09 2013
Could you please rebuilt sources with debug symbols enabled (so backtrace will be more useful) and retry? - May 18 2013
But in case if it would happen again a backtrace would be very useful. :-) - May 17 2013
Time Keeper

Plasma 5 Clocks 65 comments

Score 86.7%
Sep 08 2017
You should use time data engine. - Jun 28 2013

by nowrep

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Dec 31 2013

Plasma Themes
by Kame2

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Apr 06 2010

Plasma 4 Extensions
by jmdsdf

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Feb 01 2010
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Jan 16 2010
Small Periodic Table

Plasma 4 Extensions
by Eti

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Jan 05 2010

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Dec 27 2009
OpenDocument Thumbnail plugin

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements
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Sep 13 2009

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Jul 20 2009

Plasma 4 Extensions
by iduhasti

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Jul 14 2009

Plasma 4 Extensions
by tiberiusGER

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Apr 24 2009
Sabre-Toothed Tiger

Plasma Themes
by Eldarion

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Mar 24 2009

Plasma Themes
by painkiller101

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Mar 10 2009
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Feb 20 2009

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by mbaszczewski

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Feb 20 2009

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Feb 14 2009

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Feb 11 2009

Plasma Themes
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Jan 09 2009
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Dec 23 2008
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Dolphin Service Menus
by dys4ya

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9   Dec 31 2013
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Windows 7

Various KDE 1.-4. Styles
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Wallpapers KDE Plasma
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Plasma Panels Collection

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