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GTK2 Themes by emilywind 8 comments

I have done some hacking on the latest bzr update of elementary as well, but I am not quite as pleased with the changes there. From this particular changeset I think the only thing useful is the terminal colour scheme, but nonetheless I will come on IRC so we can chat more about things. lol - May 23 2010

Metacity Themes by daysofruin 50 comments

There is something which irks me about the metacity theme, I think it just feels a bit too dark. However, overall I find this theme to be extremely fantastic.

It definitely needs a bit of work to completely match the mockup, but in my experiences I am not entirely certain if that is possible with GTK 2.x so I am not going to hold it against the theme. Not to mention it's at version 0.7, so it's not like there's a real claim that it's entirely finished.

However, what is here so far is excellent. Nice work. :) - Apr 16 2010

GTK2 Themes by infrareddude 16 comments

Fair enough on the tabs an such. Was not sure if that was possible, but was putting it out there.

Here is some work I have done on cleaning things up.


Specifically I removed the rough white border from the ticked box images, the white artifact-like endings from the range bar images and the non-matching grey corners from the text, text-nautilus and etc images.

I was unable to get the menu arrows smoothed out as I would have liked due to limited time (was working on this during uni classes lol), however, but I will work on that next unless you get to it first.

Overall the theme is great, so I am going to revoke my original sentiment and give it a good instead of being too picky about small details which can be fixed. Also, I was thinking earlier about possibly getting more flexibility from writing an engine rather than a theme, but I am not certain about the capabilities of GTK engines. If we could and the community shows interest, I would not mind in helping code an OS X theme engine for GTK. Cheers. =] - Jul 16 2009

GTK2 Themes by infrareddude 16 comments

I like the theme, but there too many ways in which it could be improved for me to give it a mark of good right away, so I shall reserve my voting for now. Now I am not going to say this without giving my ideas on how it could be improved, so here it goes.

1) Tabs - The tabs in the Firefox theme are a brilliant reproduction of how they look in OS X. However, the tabs from the GTK theme are quite lack-lustre and leave a lot to be desired. If at all possible, if you could make the tabs in the GTK theme look the same as in the Firefox theme, that would be amazing.

2) Navigation Buttons - Same sort of issue to me. The navigation buttons in Firefox look great and emulate Mac OS X very well, whereas the buttons in the GTK theme have a sunken background rather than a light prelight which makes them look non-OSX-like and quite bad. If you could make those like in the Firefox theme, that would be brilliant.

Some other dislikes are that the close button in Nautilus on the Places pane highlights with an aqua background rather than the button's x just highlighting, there are grey artifacts around the menu arrows when they are highlighted and there are grey artifacts around the edges of the location bar in Nautilus. There are also white artifacts around the checked check boxes. Lastly, the top of scroll buttons in the GTK theme do not highlight completely.

I will work on some of these improvements (likely the small stuff such as the artifacts around images), and post what I do in comments here. Good luck with making any improvements which are possible. Cheers. =] - Jul 16 2009

GTK2 Themes by parkash 10 comments

Dandy theme, but could I arse you for a link to your wallpaper? :3 - Jul 08 2009
Any Color You Like

Full Icon Themes by switzak 286 comments

As of now the icons for Rhythmbox are the same when playing and when not. I think it would be nifty if a playing Rhythmbox had multiple musical notes whereas the standard icon and non-playing were like they are now. Just a thought. Cheers. :3

PS: In the gnome-power-manager starting with 2.26, the icons go into the status folder and the gpm-primary* icons become gpm-battery*. Also, adding a sym link of blueman.svg linking to bluetooth.svg in the apps directory would be dandy. (See https://launchpad.net/blueman) Cheers. =] - May 13 2009
Any Color You Like

Full Icon Themes by switzak 286 comments

I am really loving this theme so far, but all of the Ubuntu-themed icons are not exactly my cup of tea. I use Arch Linux, so having random Ubuntu branding is a bit daft in that case. Perhaps for future releases you could do a generic start-here icon along with generic versions of other icons with the Ubuntu logo, such as make an icon as a symbol of the theme as with other popular icon themes (ie GNOME-colours or Meliae), or perhaps just a GNOME foot.

Other that that I love the crisp look of the icons and find the project to be rather brilliant. Cheers. =] - May 12 2009

Full Icon Themes by perfectska04 824 comments

I see your posts on the bug tracker now, although I do not see how this icon switch on its own could cause all of the issues listed. Some code surrounding it may have caused it, but not the icon itself. lol Although I definitely understand the annoyance/rage caused by it breaking older icon sets. Cheers. =] - Dec 05 2008

Full Icon Themes by perfectska04 824 comments

Using your method to fix the look of the bookmark icons when using this theme did not work. However, making symbolic links called inode-directory.png (.svg for the scalable folder of course) within the places directories for the various sizes and running gtk-update-icon-cache on the theme folder worked dandily.

As a note, I am running GNOME 2.24.2 in Arch Linux. Cheers. - Dec 05 2008
Milk Flat PerfectBlue

Metacity Themes by emilywind 3 comments

Well, if he has issue with me releasing it I will take it down. However, the other milk themes went up without an issue AFAIK. However, as a good gesture, I added credit to him in the author section of the XML file for the theme. =]

I also noticed that Milk Flat Darker Blue was released under the GPL and I had initially released this derivative under the BSD licence, which as we know is incompatible(as is any non-GPL licence I believe). Therefore, I have changed the licence of this to GPL. Thanks for bringing this up because it made me pay attention to that, despite it being somewhat unrelated. Cheers. :D - Dec 04 2008