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Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements by aliceoutchains 10 comments

I think that such modifications are roles of projects like slicker.
I would like too, that a lot more projects inspired from MacOS X interface could appear.
Everyone is always making comparison with WinXP, but the most ergonomic remains MacOS.
Moreover, the role of linux is not to copy them, but to improve good ideas and developp new ones.
So the more slicker's like projects will appear, the more we could personnalize our interface design. - Mar 22 2003
mdk blue theme

Wallpaper Other by bobox2 4 comments

Hi Hi Hi, Really nice use of of RedHat work ... ;) - Jan 31 2003

Kicker Panel by prairiedog2k 17 comments

I think it is a good job, even if not everybody will like and install it. This is the kind of job which make linux even closer of windows. - Jan 29 2003