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mac like slack

KDE Plasma Screenshots 25 comments

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May 09 2005
That's the way I had the defaults when i did the patch in kde (macos..), but it's highly dependent on the font you use (try the thick shadow with a thin font).. having it as a halo looks decent regardless on the font, so I agree with David and the other lads/lasses for such default setting. It was supposed to get integrated in the setup wizard (look like mac when you choose a mac behaviour etc.), I don't think anyone got around to do it yet...


Laur - Oct 13 2004
msstyle loader prototype

KDE 3.5 Themes 29 comments

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Aug 30 2004
Yes, there s quite a bit of that involved, but as far as which bitmap does what in the style, it's pretty straight forward. plus the fact that kde style uses a subset of the msstyle library (the msstyle includes all kind of extra bits that are unusable in kde - e.g. the start bar stuff, menu things)

thanks for the thinkeramik pointer :) I'll have a look and hopefully i'll figure out how to draw the scrollbars...


L - Aug 30 2004
thanks a mill. that's it! :) i'll be looking at ti later on :)

Thanks again,

L - Aug 30 2004
Thanks for the feedback! :)

The "cancel" on the initial dialog box implies a QString::null (if i remember correctly), and the subsequent code tries to open the file with that name (no safety code here). that's why it crashes..

I'll try to do something about scrollbars, but i must admit i'm not entirely sure how to paint it and that's why i'm looking fr help from a "pro" :)


L - Aug 30 2004
can you please give me some more details? like the style name(/location)? Thanks,

L - Aug 30 2004
for the double posting. i got a timeout (0 sized reply) from the server... - Aug 26 2004
Looking Glass

KDE Plasma Screenshots 3 comments

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Mar 29 2004
One could but wonder what are the hardware specs of the machine performing the demo :) - Mar 31 2004
My Login Manager

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements 123 comments

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Mar 24 2004
De gustibus non disputandum est (each one with his/hers own taste). it's 2000+ years old :).

imho one should adopt a more positive attitude (along the lines "I don't like this so I'll make my own" in this case)... - Mar 24 2004
An idea

Various Artwork 8 comments

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Feb 04 2004
Thanks :) - Feb 05 2004
Done. It's the second thumbnail :) (also in the download). - Feb 04 2004

KDE 3.x Window Decorations 100 comments

by ceebx
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Aug 24 2003
Nop. it's checked. and the rc file has it as "true". I really don't know where this comes from... :( The only messages I get are complaining about creating pixmaps without a QApp running.. but I can't say its the windeco or other app... - Aug 22 2003
Just updated to kde 3.1.3 and I have no shadow anymore :( whatever I do... I recompiled the source and reinstalled it and still no shadow.. :(((


Laur - Aug 21 2003
Very cute and not as tireing as keramik :)
Good work! - Aug 11 2003
UI enhancement (KDE 3.1.3)

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements 139 comments

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Aug 07 2003
As mentioned below, You need to compile/patch libkonq as well :) - Aug 12 2003

I have posted some quickies below for getting shadows. - Aug 12 2003
look below :) - Aug 12 2003

Some examples of entries are:
"OS X" , QString("0, 1, 16.0, 192.0, 2, 4, 0"));
"Windows XP" , QString("1, 1, 32.0, 139.0, 2, 4, 0"));
"Soft outline" ,QString("0, 0, 4.0, 170.0, 1, 4, 0"));

- the first 2 entries are x,y offsets (0,0 means right behind the text).
- following two determine the halo (factor, max opacity).
- thickness (how large the halo is
- selected algorithm (4 is the only implemented and probably will be removed
in 3.2)
- selection (inverse video or use the background text color) - boolean 0/1


Laur - Aug 12 2003
It looks like the shadow sources are not compiled for some reason... :(. There are 2 ways to solve this:
1. remove all the objects (make clean) in kdesktop
2. check sources and add the files by hand.

Also, you may want to check if there's a lying around somewhere... - Aug 12 2003
The settings for various styles are:
("OS X"): "0, 0, 1, 16.0, 192.0, 2, 4, 0"
("Windows XP"): "1, 1, 1, 32.0, 139.0, 2, 4, 0"
("Soft outline"): "2, 0, 0, 4.0, 170.0, 1, 4, 0"

Just replace the "schema" line in kdesktoprc" and refresh the desktop. I do it having a "set background open" and hitting "apply" after manually changing something (after checking/unchecking a box to enable it). This will send the dcop message to the desktop and tell it to read from the file again.


Laur - Jul 14 2003
Hi and sorry for the great delay...

Yop, it's in the cvs (most of it).. - Jul 14 2003
The request was to keep as minimalistic as possible. I assume the setup wizard will set up the appropriate scheme for shadowing (osx, xp etc.) when the setup is started.


Laur - Jul 14 2003
Heh.:) I should do some docs about the shadow... Anyway, in kdesktoprc, you have to change the "ShadowCurrentScheme". Several settings are provided in the sources...

ShadowCurrentScheme=1,1,32.0,169.0,2,4,0 #0,0,4.000000,255.000000,3,0,0


Laur - Jul 14 2003

can you please send me an e-mail off the board with the error you get?


Laur - Jun 24 2003
hmm.. this looks like you haven't installed kdelibs (kdefx to be exact) or your includes in kdebase point to the old (original?)includes. Try defining the KDEDIR/KDEHOME paths and ./configure and make again.


Laur - Jun 24 2003
There is a simple(r) way out:

kdelibs should patch with kde 3.1.x without problems. Then libkonq and kdesktop should patch cleanly too. The only bit is the frontend which is different in 3.1 series. ...and i'm working on that :)

Then, theoretically, you should be able to use the config file generated already in 3.2 :) - Jun 23 2003
Hi, I just got this morning a patch from Bernardo in ShadowEngine (kdelibs/kdefx). I've added that to the patch today. So you could download the patched patch (:P) or could change the second constructor to:

+ShadowEngine::ShadowEngine(ShadowItem *fx) :
+ m_shadowItem(0L)
+ setShadowItem(fx);

the m_shadowItem(0L) was missing so if the location was not 0L, the setItem() would try to delete it... - Jun 23 2003
Yes, that's true. My mistake. I forgot to include the changes in libkonq. They are now in the patch. You should be able to patch libkonq now. As for integration to CVS, Chris Lee is working on it :) so it should be soon (I hope) - Jun 23 2003

To be honest, I think you should have placed the message in the general discussion list. My patch doesn't really deal with this kind of things. It's just ammending the way things are drawn on the desktop (which is a sort of iconview...) - Jun 18 2003
"web" (it's on kde3.1) with a "light style 3rd rev" as style. - Mar 18 2003
this patch is meant for the kde CVS. You can find all the information on how to install the CVS along with the default installation on (download source - installing 2 kde instances on the same system).

If you need more info, e-mail me instead posting a message :)


Laur - Mar 18 2003
..and sorry about that. Also, I havent got around to read the messages for quite a while, and sorry about that as well.

However, your politically correctness is actually cancelled just few words after you state it :). Instead of slagging, you could have posted me the message as other people did and/or make a better patch. Obviously you know how. - Mar 13 2003
As Deciare mentioned, the changes are replacing the text background checkbox/button in the dialog box. Anyway, I think the change of shadow and high customisability of it should not be encouraged.

I'd rather have it hidden (as other feats in kde are) and per-distro set. Anyway, I don't think most users would configure the shadow type more than 1-2 times (if ever), especially because it requires to have the font configuration panel open as well (different shadows look better with different fonts and aliasing settings)...

Just my 2c :) - Mar 13 2003
..for your suggestion :). sent.. - Mar 13 2003
Well, you actually can use it everywhere if you please, because the shadow algorithm & base is placed in kdefx. all you need is to look in kdesktop/kfileividesktop.cpp and see how the shadow is drawn. ...and copy the code into your one :)


Laur - Mar 13 2003

Unfortunately, it looks like kicker control section has a link to background/ instead of kdeui/kdefx. Try going in kcontrol/background and do a "make clean all".
It should fix any problems.

I'd go recompile kdebase from scratch, but that's me :)


Laur - Mar 12 2003
I'll do a proper shadowconfig in the next couple of days (with kdevelop that is :) ) and a patch to the kcontrol module to be able to set up the few shadow types from a combo box. - Feb 18 2003
..I've mentioned that the shadowconfig is a quickie :). I'm reluctant to installing the desktopdata.h in include because is meant to be an internal class only for kdesktop. I'd rather have a combo box with predefined themes, since all people will desire will most likely be one of the configurations displayed in the readme file. - Feb 14 2003
Well, i did mention that i'm a bit useless on doing patches :)

What do you mean "file manager"? I think adding the effect in konqueror is rather extreme :). However, it can be done by moving all the fx stuff from kdesktop to libkonq (I think) (or kiconview in kdelibs/kdeui).

As for the patch, please do! :) you can send it to me @ laurivan*at* and i'll have a look... - Feb 12 2003
heh. a new one is available now. I'm rather useless in doing patches, but a patch -bR - Feb 11 2003
a mil for the optimism. :)

3.1 is frozen now and I still have few more bits to do on the patch to check the font's color and do an "inverse video" for the shadow.

maybe after 3.1 (3.1.1?). I'm still waiting for more feedback on how configurable this should be... :) - Jan 27 2003
On the desktop I found out that "Impact" (thicker fonts in general) look better with the patch if they're antialiased. Thin fonts seem to fade into the shaddow/background.

On the kicker I think it's "Verdana". Both come standard with MS Win. Verdana I think is free and it can be found on sourceforge. - Jan 27 2003
It's Impact. If it's in the ms free webfonts you can get it off sourceforge (can't remember exactly the page but a googleing should provide). Otherwise, a M$ license may be required... - Jan 24 2003
this evening. I promise :). I did a patch last night (@ 2am) and i've noticed today that it didn't include the new files :(.

Also, I've changed the kdelibs extension so it won't break binary compatibility (as mentioned on the kde-devel list). - Jan 24 2003
for letting me know :) any screenshots around?

Hope we'll see it soon. - Jan 23 2003

imho per-desktop handling is a huge development task with relatively little usability gain. The halo should solve the different backgrounds problem elegantly enough.

- Jan 23 2003
Well, I can certainly do a diff with the cvs :). But you'll probably have to compile kde again (see description on why).

I'd appreciate though if anyone has a kde cvs and could compile kdeui with the change from the above descrption and tell me if it keeps binary compatibility :) - Jan 23 2003
KDE3.2 cvs

KDE Plasma Screenshots 4 comments

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Jul 08 2003
The default config has been minimized in the favor of an external "theme"/wizard setting :) - Jul 09 2003

KDE Plasma Screenshots 10 comments

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Feb 01 2003
Some things must have changed in the kicker code since I did the patch. I'll do an update later today and put out a new patch.

Thanks for pointing that out.

L - Feb 03 2003
...3.1 libs and base are needed. the kdelibs bit of the patch affects only kdeui lib. and it's binary compatible, so it's the only thing you need to build. Then you need to recompile/install kdesktop. However, as mentioned above, it works best with relatively thick fonts (or aliased), the shadow is only black @ this stage. As they say: "stay tuned for a new more configurable verion of the patch" in the next couple of days :) - Feb 03 2003
Yop, it's definately possible. I'm working to improve my quick halo hack with a configurable version and a more complete behavior: people using my code might have noteiced the unpleasant behavior when the item is selected.

Also, there will be 3 (or 4) shadow algorithms available for people to play with :)

ps: you could have had the kicker pixmap patch added as well :)))


Laur - Feb 03 2003