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Erick PĂ©rez Castellanos , Cuba

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Hey, great theme, I love it
Just for you to know the Eclipse icon is missing. - Jun 28 2011
Elegant Gnome Pack

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Yeah, i can provide screenshots. and

You may see in both shots you can't view the tags or the events if you're not selecting them.

hope it helps. - Jul 29 2010
Elegant Gnome Pack

GTK2 Themes by arobase 784 comments

Hi, i kinda fell in love with the theme, there's just two things don't working.
two apps: Shotwell and Goldendict, goldendict is from kde, is harder to manage, ok no worry can live without, but Shotwell, the default photo manager in Ubuntu ? i can't see the events lists, and the tags lists either.
Can that be fixed ? - Jul 28 2010
Hey, that a extremely cool screenshot, so
U need to tell us which is the icon theme, what panel are you using an so on !!!!!!

Nice shots, really nice. - Mar 08 2010
Black 'n' Girl

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Hey, the link is broken. could you fix it ? - Mar 07 2010

GTK2 Themes by Simmeson 13 comments

Hey, i like a lot your theme, and like so much the firefox missing menubar.
Where the firefox menubar goes ? and how do u do that ? - Mar 07 2010
Deep Gnome Theme

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Hey which app do u use to show the cover art in the desktop like mac style. (like the screenshot)
I wanna do it - Oct 21 2009

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