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May 25 2019
can we communicate via mail. Mine is erik dot dubois adsign gmail dot com - Jul 25 2019
It points on Arch Linux to a nil value - fs is just empty but it contains a "/". I am wondering different lua versions since yesterday's investigation. On debian Lua is not even installed but there are lua packages. Here we have lua 5.3. - Jul 25 2019

we have launched your conky on our Linux distribution. We were not able to solve it (yet) on Arch Linux.
I have installed it on Debian and your luacode works there flawlessly but not on Arch Linux.

I can make educated guesses but I am not nearer to a solution.

Assistance is appreciated

Launch article :


Erik - Jul 24 2019
We would like to use your conky on ArcoLinux -
We have changed it to our need (Arch Linux) and liking.
We are stuck at line 1019 where we get a message
"attempt to call a nil value (field 'gfind')"

A few lines earlier we fill the variable fs with this script

fs=conky_ownpreexec("df -h | grep ^/dev/s | sort |grep -o '[^ ]*$' ")

With just one partition our output is just a "/".

What is the output supposed to be on your linux distribution and what distribution do you develop on? - Jul 17 2019
Reflect Dark-Adapta Linux Wallpapers

Wallpapers Linux/Tux 4 comments

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Mar 14 2019
Thanks for making an ArcoLinux wallpaper
- Jul 11 2018
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Dolphin Service Menus 21 comments

by kuser
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Jan 09 2020
+works fine here - Jun 17 2018
Arc-Dark-Red Cinnamon

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Sep 16 2015
i was wondering how do you start changing all these colors (hex codes ok) but also these png files?
Is there an efficient way. - Jul 16 2016
Octupi Conky

Conky 1 comment

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Sep 19 2014
and it is all written in lua - Feb 28 2015
VLT DeepDark

VLC Skins 23 comments

by Steva
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Oct 25 2012
workslike a charm ubuntu 14.10 - Feb 18 2015
Convert PNG images to JPGs

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Jul 15 2018
Edna FitDark

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by jomada

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Jul 15 2018
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Dolphin Service Menus
by kuser

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Jun 17 2018
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Dolphin Service Menus
by kuser

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9   Jun 17 2018
+works fine here
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9   Jul 28 2016