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KDE 3.5 Themes 404 comments

Score 58.0%
Feb 16 2007
Your style is like fresh air in the field of kde styles.
I like what you've done with konqueror tabs ;)
However I miss some options to tune it to my taste :
- change button outline thickness (text input fields are very subtle but buttons look out of place in comparison)
- edit menu background gradient
- edit menu selected item bakground
- configure konqueror tabs backgournd gradient.
It look like a VERY promising style.

Keep up the good work ! - Dec 11 2006
Port Neko98, merge with AMOR (proposal)

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements 6 comments

Score 50.0%
May 26 2006
It sounds nice.
On a side note, I think amor could be polished a bit more.
i.e. I'd rather have .mng animations (alphablended) on my windecs... It would look cleaner.
Oh and it would be great to not have ugly shadows under the animation when having kompmgr enabled...

Greetings. - May 22 2006

KDE 3.x Window Decorations 383 comments

by motyR
Score 50.0%
Feb 20 2006
I downloaded this great app and playd a bit with it.
This is really great. I've been waiting for something like that for over tw years (since I'm a kde user).
I've been a bit disappointed however to see that enventhought the themes require pngs I can't get smooth rounded corners...
Masks are great for those like me using shadows.
The use of alpha channels in pngs is the way to get more polished themes than what we've now.

Keep up the good work ! - May 15 2006

Audioplayers 574 comments

Score 77.0%
Aug 01 2011
I must say I DO love Amarok it's running as long as my computer is running. ;)
I would like to advice you not to go for this aqua bubble thingy in the playlist. It's quite ugly IMHO. I didn't like the former active track thing because it makes the playlist item move when the playing track changes. And then it turned flashy :/
I never filled a feature request about it but I would if it was to get worst in 1.4 !
Anyway I love this apps, and you seem to make efforts to give it a pleasant look and feel (a new context theme, a new icon theme ...)and that's why I comment.
Please keep things subtle !

And please keep up the good work ! - Apr 10 2006

GDM Themes 14 comments

Score 50.0%
Mar 05 2006
I'm male and I voted good ;)
Anyway I remember someone posted wallpapers and ksplash themes of this kind. They were quickly deleted since men on kde-look told they didn't want to see naked males on there computers and it wasn't kde related.
It was two years ago but I'd like to remeber that big bothoms are not kde or gnome related. - Mar 18 2006
Gentle System Sounds

System Sounds 13 comments

by Bi-Bo
Score 46.0%
Mar 16 2006
Sorry wrong sound. I meant I love Startup_Gentle_Voice.ogg. :D - Mar 17 2006
Hi !
I like the general feel of your sounds,funky and of course gentle. I love the shutdown_gentle_voice one. It's so smooth.
I appreciate that sounds are coming in several versions, this is great. However I find some of them too long. error(x).ogg and the shutdonw ones (my KDEbox is fast to shutdown and the sound gets cut in the middle of playing) for example.
Anyway it's great to have something new to hear on our desktops. Good soundshemes are rares around here ;)
Keep up the good work. - Mar 17 2006
Moodin (Engine) + Themes

KDE 3.x Splash Screens 244 comments

Score 50.0%
Nov 06 2008
Hello, I'd like to know if it is possible to add an animated image in a moodin theme such as a gif or a mng. - Mar 03 2006

KDE 3.5 Themes 347 comments

by PaT
Score 50.0%
Oct 01 2007
I'd love to see an option to remove black outlines around menus. to get clean menu borders when using shadows.

By the way, I love what you've done with lipstik and use it eversince you released it. - Jan 19 2006
looks like the link is dead :/ - Dec 13 2005
you've my vote ! - Nov 26 2004
Vistesque-Mod for Lipstik

Various KDE 1.-4. Styles 120 comments

Score 46.0%
Jan 10 2006
I love the font you use. Which is it ? - Jan 17 2006

Screensavers 55 comments

Score 50.0%
Jan 08 2006
Sounds great !
What about someone making an ebuild ? - Jan 09 2006

KDE Plasma Screenshots 1 comment

Score 50.0%
Dec 25 2005
pretty nice !
love the wallpaper, where does it come from ? - Jan 07 2006
Lanthys Icon Set

Icon Sub-Sets 39 comments

by eriol
Score 38.0%
Jun 29 2005
I must assure you all that I'm sorry for not being very active for the past months.
I have to assure you too that this is no fake. I'm all alone on this project, I have undreds of icons to make and outside of that I've got a life of my own, and I don't spend all my time building my theme. This is a very long process.
If my page isn't up-to-date it's merely because I don't want to spoil all my work with previews.

By the way do you believe Oxygen to be a fake ? After all you only saw a few icons on a website.

Please be patient. And don't be silly spreading stupid rumors when you don't know anything of what's going on.

"We should crown him King of Look & Feel"
Thanks alot sleepkreep. I don't ask that much.

Greetings to all of you.

Adrien. - Jan 07 2006
I have no release date for now. Many things are subjects to change and you sure don't want me to hurry and produce a crippled or inconsistent theme, do you ?
Anyway I'm glad to know it's eagerly awaited by some ;) - Sep 02 2005
with Inkscape from pixmap previously made on gimp. Only free softwares ! - Jul 01 2005
thanks for your comment. Good feedback keeps me working.
Well I'm planning to do as much as possible, and I hope It will be complete before KDE4 gets released. Then we'll see if it becomes default. It's a bit early for the moment being.
Peace. - Jun 30 2005
Hi Arcisz !
Let me tell you that I really don't mind that people may dislike the work I do. We all percieve thing differently and what looks good for some may not for others. And this is a good thing we don't like all the same thing.
But there's a way to say things. You're an Icon maker too, I saw you work. I'm sorry to tell you I don't like many of your icons. But to my mind, I see no interrest in giving you bad comments. I could say awfull things about what I don't like. But what's the use ?
I won't try to find reason (may it be jealousy, may it be an authentic disgust or anything else I don't care) to your pointless comment.
But whatever your feeling about somebody's artwork, I advise you not to talk about "crap". It's humiliating.
Why don't you say "I don't like it!" or better : someting constructive, the reasons why you don't like what you see.
Two reasons for that :
1 you don't appear like a vulgar person
2 your point of view is understood and took in consideration, and a smart designer doesn't ignore feedback.
So, please think about what you write before posting rude things.
Thanks for reading me. - Jun 29 2005
KDE Windrad

Wallpapers KDE Plasma 3 comments

Score 50.0%
Oct 30 2005
you rock ! - Oct 30 2005
KDE Windrad

Wallpapers KDE Plasma 2 comments

Score 50.0%
Oct 29 2005
consider there is a demand for a bigger-sized wallpaper ! ;) - Oct 30 2005
Clean (Kopete Chat Style)

Kopete Styles 26 comments

by Roze
Score 50.0%
Apr 12 2005
I got the same problem here after upgrading to 0.6. The previous one worked like a charm with kde 3.3.

Could you please upload this old version (i think it was 0.4) for us who don't have the latest kde version ?

Thanks - Mar 31 2005
Convert WMA to MP3-OGG

Dolphin Service Menus 34 comments

by zast
Score 50.0%
Feb 02 2005
Servicemenu WMA to MP3:

X-KDE-Submenu[fr]=Convertir WMA
Name[fr]=en MP3

Servicemenu WMA to OGG:

X-KDE-Submenu[fr]=Convertir WMA
Name[fr]=en OGG

By the way : that servicemenu is a great Idea ! Thanks ! - Jan 18 2005
Yoper_hda - mount/unmount

Icon Sub-Sets 8 comments

by andrD
Score 50.0%
Dec 28 2004
nice effect ! - Dec 28 2004
My Login Manager

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements 123 comments

Score 50.0%
Mar 24 2004
Could someone help me please ?

I'm using Suse 9.2, it's not the first time I try to use mdm, but I never know what to do with config files ...
everytime, all I get is no login manager at all and plain sonsole login instead !

Thanks in advance. - Dec 21 2004

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements 17 comments

by radiz
Score 50.0%
Apr 15 2004
I love this idea and used it from time to time.
Since i can't code, I encourage you to keep working on it and improve it.
I think it adds alot eyecandy and it's far more easy to grab than the K icon.

Some fixes for it not to crash and let the user choose the button width, and you have a killer applet (at least to mi mind).

Keep working on it please ! - Dec 21 2004
Improving KDE

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements 313 comments

Score 50.0%
Nov 28 2004
and what about SuSE 9.x if I may ask ? - Dec 12 2004
baybe not an original idea, but spacing between task buttons within the taskbar would be nice ! - Dec 12 2004
I agree, thumbnails are rather ugly in Konqueror ...

But i think Gnome one's aren't that good either : you're disturbed by unequally-sized rows and columns, making it hard to find what you're searching because items often are too close of each other.
I have to admit that I prefer the way they're drawn in WinXp. A square of a defined size around the picture makes it clearer. It seems more organized.

It could be an option to draw these squares around other icons (such as folders and other files) in order to make everything look the same size (in order to make every item fit well).

But the best thing would be to modify the way icons are organized : it would be quite nice if they are drawn in a grid (one could optionally change the size), the way it can be done on the desktop.

That would be a great improvement in konqueror's "eyecandyness" ! - Oct 22 2004
System Tray 2 (with icon hiding support)

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements 165 comments

by Dgege
Score 50.0%
Dec 20 2004
Importing your own icon is way cool !
Thx alot man ! - Dec 12 2004
Yeah that's all a matter of taste.
I prefer text arrow within a button because it's lighter and the icon is too colorful so there's no difference between it and icons in the tray. It's distractive and quite inconsistent.
But that's only my opinion. - Nov 26 2004
Hi ! I love your app !
I used to appreciate the text arrow in former versions. But now I updated, all I got is the ugly crystal icon. Where's it now ?

Has it been removed ? If it's so, i'd like it back !!!

Anyway keep up the god work, smooth hiding is great ! - Nov 25 2004
KDE Menu Shortcut Improvement

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements 13 comments

Score 50.0%
Nov 24 2004
I think it's an interesting idea ...
But lines are cluttering. Don't you think it would be better if it were spaces between entries instead, so that similar enteries are tied like a paragraph of a text ? - Nov 25 2004
Konqueror fine-adjustments

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements 12 comments

Score 50.0%
Nov 26 2004
Far cleaner this way ! - Nov 14 2004
Plastik Element preview

KDE 3.x Window Decorations 27 comments

by gr3gg
Score 50.0%
Nov 13 2004
Hi !
What's the name of the font U use? - Nov 12 2004
Miscellaneous User Pics

Icon Sub-Sets 15 comments

by eriol
Score 50.0%
Oct 27 2004
Credits are included in the archive. Pictures I used and modified (alot) were free of use. Anyway abstract ones are my very own creations. - Nov 08 2004
Thanks alot ...
It's nearly done ! - Oct 30 2004
well ... thanks.
(but still it seems odd ...) - Oct 27 2004
Glad you like them !

Thanks for the hint .... English is not my original language and "autumn" means "automne" in french... It was a mix ....
I'll correct it. - Oct 26 2004
allright ....
I searched alot on KDE Homepage, and but still I don't know how to submit content.
Do it through isn't quite logical thought ... isn't it ? O_o - Oct 26 2004
Quite simple : it's sans serif ... I think it' a default font in many distros.
I just changed the color to a desaturated blue. That's why it seems an unusual font. ;) - Oct 26 2004
Butchered in Birth

KDE 3.0-3.4 Themes 7 comments

Score 50.0%
Oct 08 2004
I hate it. Consider that children may frequent this site. My ten-year-old sister usually browse it. She hopes to find some nice eyecandy for her desktop. I always though it was unsane to post half-nude girls' wallpapers. But that !

I don't know who you are, what art or fictions do you like, but consider posting on site focused on such unsane things ... here you're on a tech-related site, meant to a broad audience ...

So please, consider removing it.

(excuse my poor english) - Oct 08 2004
msstyle loader prototype

KDE 3.5 Themes 29 comments

Score 58.0%
Aug 30 2004
I hope you'll like it (sure you will)
If only kde could be themed like that ... But there's a lot of reshacking. I don't think it will ever be working this way for us ... so sad.

BTW sorry for double posting ... don't know what happened .. - Aug 30 2004
What about ?
Longhorn Inspirat ?

If it's the case, here it is :

(I never used it. I don't have Windows for long. But I always look at what is done for it ...)

If it's not the case ... i'm afraid I don't understand.

Eriol. - Aug 30 2004
Momo said all ...
Same bugs plus a bug when trying to load a style with large or extra large fonts (I understand it's in early stage of development) and same hopes : can't wait to see my whole linux/qt desktop with great msworld styles (longhron inspirat by stefanka rocks !) ...

Can be some kind of revolution in kde theming ...
Keep up the good work ! - Aug 30 2004
liquid cover

Karamba & Superkaramba 1 comment

Score 50.0%
Jul 29 2004
Sounds very good ... I really love this kind of widgets on the desktop, until now, you could have such a thing only on Windows or MacOSX ... Was looking for it for KDE for long ... thanks.
I'll try it with XMMS as soon as possible, even if I like this player less than you seem to do.
What about a Juk version ? I really love that app but miss a cover shower working with it. And since I can't code ... LOL ! - Aug 29 2004

System Software 84 comments

Score 50.0%
Feb 21 2006
Really love you app ....
A must if just like me you can't figure out how to install themes.
I'd be very grateful if you add support for higher resolutions such as 1600x1200 ... my 21" monitor's begging for it !

anyway, keep up the good work. - Aug 23 2004
MagicLinux Control panel

System Software 30 comments

Score 50.0%
Aug 16 2004
Thank you. It works just fine now ! - Aug 11 2004
I'll try it right now ! - Aug 11 2004
The rpm got installed but when I try to run the program into konsole here is what I get :

Traceback (most recent call last):
File "/usr/bin/magiconf", line 12, in ?
import gtk
ImportError: No module named gtk

But I'm sure gtk is correctly installed on my system.
What's the matter ? - Aug 11 2004