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Eugeny Shkrigunov
Sorry for my English.
QtCurve has very impressive features to provide for comfortable work at X terminals (LTSP) - simple widgets without gradients, etc.
While the window's shadow can be turned off, some widgets do not have that option.
Please make shadows optional (popup menus, combos, hints, etc.), it will be very helpful for X terminals in order to reduce traffic and improve responsiveness.
Many thanks. - Oct 11 2012
Sorry for my English.
I have small problem with font size in GTK apps.

diff -Naur QtCurve-Gtk2-1.8.13.orig/style/qt_settings.c QtCurve-Gtk2-1.8.13/style/qt_settings.c
--- QtCurve-Gtk2-1.8.13.orig/style/qt_settings.c 2012-02-16 02:04:53.000000000 +0400
+++ QtCurve-Gtk2-1.8.13/style/qt_settings.c 2012-02-21 21:56:33.773182854 +0400
@@ -101,7 +101,7 @@
char *kdehome=getKdeHome();

if(kdehome && strlen(kdehome)<(MAX_CONFIG_FILENAME_LEN-(strlen(KDE_CFG_DIR)+strlen(f))))
- sprintf(kg, "%s"KDE_CFG_DIR"%s", kdehome, f);
+ sprintf(kg, "%s%s", kdehome, f);

return kg;

Regard. - Feb 21 2012
Thank you very much. This is what I need. - Aug 21 2011
Sorry for my English.

We have made ​​the global configuration file for all QtCurve users (/etc/kde/apps/QtCurve/global.qtcurve).
Each user have symlink ~/.kde4/share/apps/QtCurve/global.qtcurve to the global file.
Changes in the global file are not applied to users.
How do I make changes in the global file used for users? - Aug 18 2011
Sorry for my English. I mean tabs in the bottom of window. In application "konsole" tabs may be on the top or the bottom of window. Tabs looks different when it on the top or the bottom of window. I have set config as "soft gradient" for active and "dark inverted gradient" for inactive tabs. - Sep 23 2009
Tabs configuration does not apply to the tabs on the window bottom. For example - konsole. Please, fix it. Thank you in advance. - Sep 23 2009