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May 14 2020
I just updated the script. It now comes with an option called "Blur only content of window", which solves this exact problem.

This was implemented some time ago, but, due to how it works, it might cause some performance issues, so I had to test it extensively. It has been perfectly fine, so I'm pushing it now, but will disable it by default due to the risk. - May 14 2020
Sorry for the inconvenience. Somehow Pling stopped displaying from the git repository. I restored the option. - Mar 01 2020
Hi, I just updated the script. You can now choose blacklisting mode from the options. Note that blur effect traditionally has caused performance issues w/ graphics-heavy apps like video players and games. I'm not sure if this is still the case, but I recommend testing them before working on anything serious. - Sep 21 2019
You can use `xprop` command for that. Run `xprop | grep CLASS` on Konsole, and click the window of your interest. The class name of the window will be printed on the terminal. - Jun 05 2019

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22 hours ago
Sorry, but it's not possible. KWin API does not provide enough functionality for that, so no scripts can do that. - Apr 09 2020