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Customizable Weather Plasmoid (CWP)

Plasma 4 Extensions 1069 comments

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Sep 02 2017
Only if you can install KDE4 and Plasma5 at the same time. I guess with separate install locations, this would always work. It might be messy though, because KDE4 is probably not made to be installed in weird places and load its libraries from there too. So it might load KDE5 libraries from the default directories and use KDE5 config files, and crash.
Also, I don’t know if Plasma5 has a pin-to-desktop functionality. KWIN is pretty powerful, so if nothing helps, its scriptability might still make it possible. It would be work though. - Jan 05 2017
For the time being, you can run »plasma-windowed plasma_applet_cwp« and use that. (--help-all for more parameters. E.g. -b to get a border, if you need one.) - Jan 04 2017
Translation: Hey, would it be possible, to convert the Plasmid into a standalone program? Because then, it could be used as a widget, in *every* desktop environment.
Explained here, in the case of Enlightenment: - Jan 01 2017
Hey, wäre es möglich, das Plasmid einfach als normales eigenständiges Programm umzubauen? Dann ließe es sich nämlich in *jeder* Desktopumgebung als Widget benutzen.
Hier am Beispiel von Enlightenment erklärt: - Jan 01 2017
@jaegerschnitzel: How about migrating this to Lumina instead of KDE5/Plasma5?
I heard it is much easier to do. And frankly, CWP is the only thing keeping me from switching to another DE. (They’re all shit. :) Lumina seems like a much better choice, given its easy extensibility and it not being designed for idiots. - Jul 19 2016
- Jul 19 2016
Korrektur: In der obigen Version war noch ein Fehler in den URLs. Deswegen auch die falsche Icons.
Die Version hab ich getestet und sie geht einwandfrei: - Jul 06 2016
Hell, KDE *4* *still* misses important features. So any statements that Plasma 5 will get them are pure lies. They’ll just start Plasma 6 as soon as Plasma 5 gets close to what proper software developers call a beta. Just like they did with KDE 4. - Jul 06 2016
Don’t. it still misses so many features, I’d hardly even call it an alpha.
But hey, KDE4 never left beta… (Moving plasmids is broken to this day. They often randomly jump all over the place … And with two screens and separate plasmids on the dashboard, the general layout can’t be configured anymore. The config window just never opens. Also, xkb support is abysmal. With advanced layouts like NEO2, many shortcuts become impossible. In general they bragged about all this configurability, but still only implemented the dumbest common denominator. Anything out of the ordinary, and it breaks. Plasma5 is the same, just with less features. And don’t believe they will come back. They didn’t with KDE4 either. The KDE team rather will already start the *next* version before the current gets anywhere close to finished. - Jul 06 2016
I fixed it. Look at my comment with a pastebin link above.
Beware though that has a design that makes any parser very unstable, since they use no fixed ids anymore. Even though I tried to make it as reliable as possible, any change might break it again. Also the website misses a lot of data that the app has. So using the same data source the app uses would be a much better idea. But I have more important things to do. if you want, you can do it… - Jul 06 2016
Hey, hat noch zwei Fehler (KeineTemperaturen und falsche Icons für die 7 Tage).
Ich habs mal korrigiert: - Jul 06 2016
But only for the urlc. Using “?id=” is no good anymore. But luckily, adding the ID to the path itself, right after “”, works fine.

Parsing still fails though. - Feb 06 2013
Awesome! Thanks, man! - Mar 12 2012
Hello, I updated to CWP 1.5.11 last saturday, and apparently changed their design too.

Now the whole thing stopped working.

I don’t really know how to even debug this myself.

It would be cool, if you could update CWP for their new design and/or give me a hint on how to debug what part exactly goes wrong and why.

Thanks. - Mar 12 2012
Color Folder

Dolphin Service Menus 71 comments

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Aug 06 2018
… one can read and write,

and uses these obscure things called “names”. - Feb 01 2016

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Mar 22 2009
Hey, I have to tell you that you chose a pretty unlucky name for your app. There’s already the very awesome Qalculate! out there. Look it up. I can only recommend it, since it’s beyond the best I even thought I would find.

I know it feels a bit bad when you find, that someone had the same idea earlier, and was way better at it. But hey, it’s open source and it needs KDE4 compatibility right now. So you could join in and hopefully even take an important role in its development! In other words: You can still make it your child too. :) - Dec 03 2010
Azure-blue water - Widget theme

QtCurve 4 comments

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Aug 24 2010
Thanks. :)

But I noticed, that I preferred there to be no border left and right. The borders on the bottom and top allow resizing the traditional way. Plus I use Compiz for resizing anyway, so I can use Win-Mouse3 anywhere on the window, and resize it how I want. I recommend this, as it’s much faster and more comfortable than finding a tiny 1px line where the cursor turns into a resize cursor.
You can also use this control scheme for moving, closing, minimizing and maximizing, etc. Makes life so much nicer. Compiz really is quite useful, if you look past the bling. :) - Sep 08 2010
By setting the “Coloration” under “Menubars” to “Titlebar border”.
You can also do the opposite, and check “Use menubar color” under “Windows”.
But in both cases, you have to set the border size in "Window managers" to "No Border”, or there will be small gaps left and right of the menu bar. - Aug 23 2010
KStarboard Kdm

KDM4 Themes
by codicem

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9   Aug 03 2011
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9   Aug 03 2011
Sunset Waves

KDM4 Themes
by starwolf

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9   May 21 2011
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9   May 21 2011
Beach Sunset

KDM4 Themes
by starwolf

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9   May 21 2011
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9   May 21 2011

KDM4 Themes
by sima84

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9   May 21 2011

Wallpaper Other
by LinuxfanMarcel

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9   Mar 04 2011

Wallpaper Other
by dantis

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9   Mar 04 2011
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9   Mar 04 2011
Misty Trees

by who

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9   Mar 04 2011
Summer Field

Wallpaper Other
by debian1993

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9   Mar 04 2011
Night Sky Over Vismen

Wallpaper Other
by silence

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9   Mar 04 2011
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9   Mar 04 2011