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Oswaldo Goite Caracas, Venezuela
Win2-7 Pack

Full Icon Themes by juandejesuss 1742 comments

Man It's a cool work that you have there!!!!

I assume It took you a long work!!

It really look awesome!!!

But I think that If somebody want to see that on his screen that person needs to install Windows. I rather the classic Gnome Themes. - Apr 28 2010
war is over

Wallpaper Other by evilwonders 4 comments

Lets see...
My friend, I didn't wanted to make a political statement. That's the first part. Look, I just wanted to say that green is an awesome color...

I LIKE GREEN... that's it!

When I talk about "war is over" I just meant to say that is a shame that a great color like green is traditionally asociated to something like military uniforms...

If you want me to do it I offer you to publish the same wallpaper without text. I DON'T WANT TO ARGUE TO ANYONE. I just offered an image to use as a wallpaper, because I've downloaded a LOT of things from here and wanted to offer something in return.

I know it won't have 9000000 downloads, but I hope people like it but if it doesn't... - Mar 21 2009
war is over

Wallpaper Other by evilwonders 4 comments

This is just an IMAGE man, not a statement. I said "War is over... use green" because green is a color traditionally referred to military corps around the world, and I think is a beautiful color, but you are free of read between the lines in any way you want (even in a wrong way as you already did) - Mar 05 2009
Al pana No Persona mis felicitaciones. Me parece que te quedo demasiado bueno ese tema, no le pares a los que te critiquen por hacer cosas diferentes. Asi como tu dices lalalalalalala...

Me anduve leyendo el tute que escribiste para configurar el conky, porque soy nuevo en ubuntu y quiero tener cosas visualmente atractivas para mi escritorio, pero quiero que tengan mi propio estilo...

Saludos desde Caracas y sigue con lo tuyo... se te da bien... - Sep 18 2008