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r.wesley edwards

Wallpaper Other by KeNeTix 2 comments

No way to make animated fire?

Actually I really like it.  It reminds me of Trans Ams I used to see when I was quite young!

-=- - Sep 11 2005
disable (flash) plugins when images are disabled

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements by zvonSully 14 comments

Why don't you use Firefox. It has adblock and you can easily disable flash...
-=- - May 19 2005
Tux hugging Konqi (pink)

Wallpaper Other by pek 6 comments

THAT IS IT EXACTLY. The pipecross blending tool doesn't blend diagonal rt->bl, it only starts at the top left and goes to the bottom right. I'd like to use the pipecross thingy to make the sun brighter. On your old version, I flipped it horizontal, and had GREAT results. However the Ks on Konqi and the device he is holding were unfortunately backwards and it looked like I was trying to be subversive. (Upsidedown flag kind of thing, ya know?) Anyway... can you make a horizontally flipped version of (the new) one? [alternatively, tell me how to make pipecross blend the other diagonal]
-thanks in advance again.
--thanks, also for the cool grass/sky one.
-=- - May 18 2005

Wallpaper Other by ZEphYR_double 2 comments

I do mostly JavaScript prototype programming, so I'm very happy with a rhino on my desktop. Thanks!
PS: Very nice looking, too.
-=- - May 16 2005
Tux hugging Konqi (pink)

Wallpaper Other by pek 6 comments

grass green...

Sorry to be a 'me too,' here, but could you do this with a grass green vertical blend to sky blue?

thanks in advance!
PS: Or make grass-looking bottom and sky-looking top. Maybe like a little kid's crayon drawing. (O.K. I've officially spoken too much here.)
-=- - May 16 2005