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Enrico Spanu , Italy
Lithium Power Manager

System Software by dilettante 22 comments

Very very good application; I love this application.

Regard - Aug 18 2008

Audio Apps by marcel83 20 comments

I have a problem with kmix:

it shows mute icon in systray when the sound plays ... and it shows normal icon when the sound is mute.

I use pommed and KVolumeOSD in my macbook, but only pommed can switches off my volume because it switches off two channel that it isn't Master. Kmix can't switch off my volume, it doesn't work.

If I select "Mute" in Kmix, it doesn't switch off my volume, but kmix shows correct icon when I change the state a my volume .... but KVolumeSound shows the incorrect image

Very thanks, and you excuse my english
Regards - May 14 2008