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Ezequiel Aguerre Paso del Rey, Argentina
STDIN Plasmoid

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Feb 08 2009
mmm... I didn't know :P
I'm gonna try it. Do you know any plasmoid that supports the screensaver mode? So I can try that one :-) - Oct 15 2010
Screensaver? what do you mean? - Oct 13 2010
Because it needs a terminal, this plasmoid is not and will never be a terminal emulator.
However, there's a plasmoid that has a Konsole Kpart embedded in it (konsolator), you could use that one. - Oct 13 2010
I haven't had much time the last couple months :-(
But I promise I'll keep working on it :-) - Apr 07 2009
OK, nice to hear it :-)
Hugh!! xDD - Feb 13 2009
Isn't qtdbus enough?

How should we make the dbus interface? something like 2 lineedits:

Update on dbus event: [________________]
Send dbus command: [________________]

something like that? ;-)

Regarding the clear command... how should it work? If the process hasn't finished it's ok to clean what is already shown and let the process keep inserting data into STDIN, but if the process has finished (or "Show partial output" is not checked) what should be the behaviour? Should we clean everything and restart the process?? (because if you clean everything and the process is not running you'll end up with nothing in your screen)

Cheers! - Feb 13 2009
I'll take it into account... hopefully for the next version... I'll give it a look tomorrow ;-) - Feb 12 2009
I've found this:
It seems is just a text with a linear gradient... do you like more that way? I can implement it... and I think plasma should implement a widget for this... so we wouldn't have to duplicate the code... a widget called something like Headline or Title :P - Feb 12 2009
Interesting... I'll give it a look :-) - Feb 12 2009
Well... I've commited support for this on trunk, it is still not merged to the 0.2-workarounds branch because:
* I did it a minute ago... had no time to try it... and I have to go now, but tomorrow I'll test it a little more
* It's probably slow... I need to make some optimizations to the function Stdin::format ()... and the function which process the ANSI Color codes scan a character at a time... there's maybe a better way with QString::split() but right now I'm scanning one character at a time...
If you have time, please test it... you'll have to download the trunk version which has not a single workaround, so it's more buggy than the branch...
I promise this will get merged to the 0.2-workarounds branch... I just need to make sure it is working...

Cheers!! - Feb 12 2009
Something like these screenshots??:

I've implemented the functionality but I've not commited to SVN. The Qt bug I mentioned in the description:

* Qt 4.4 doesn't propagate changes in geometry to parent QGraphicsWidget, hopefully it will be fixed by Qt 4.5.

is causing some annoying glitches... don't know what to do...
I'll try to workaround the bug, if I can't I'll maybe commit to trunk but not to 0.2-workarounds branch, or maybe I'll let the feature off until Qt 4.5 :-( - Feb 12 2009
I think I fixed it in revision 33 of the 0.2-workarounds branch. If you can, please test it :-) - Feb 12 2009
I'll give it a look :-) - Feb 12 2009
Nice one, I will add it to the "Some Useful Commands" section for the next release :-) I just don't want to update once more (2+1=3 times for this release) :P - Feb 09 2009
Done... it's on SVN now :-) - Jan 30 2009
Try running "kbuildsycoca4" and then restart plasma. - Jan 29 2009
STDIN Plasmoid

Plasma 4 Extensions
by PlasmaFactory

Score 79.3%
Jan 27 2009
Score 85.8%
Jan 21 2009