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philipp kriegel , Germany
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Jul 28 2007
nav icons??
i think you mean the nautilus buttons for forward and backward...

read the i like it post Nice one from SlugO ther is an suggestion
right to expand level is an dropdown menu and select month august ther it is - Sep 11 2006
i think you have tyed to install it over the gnome theme manager right?

you have t choices
1. repack it as an .tar.gz
2. unpack it and move the buuf folder to ~/.themes - Sep 11 2006
it,s really simple,
after you've extracktet the fix archiev
you should have two folders

go inside the generic-fix folder select everything then rightclick and copy
then go to inside your home folder to .themes and then to the buuf folder there rightclick on an free space and paste overwrite all and that's all.

the evolution fix is for this scenario if you dont like the big icon on the upper left corner under new email ect.
then you do the same as before just with the evolution-fix folder after you applied the generic patch...

an re-upload is in planning
if i find time, i'll look after all icons in the package.
if i get an answer from mattahan, i'll add some names to the icons...
so just wait an moment ^^ - Sep 05 2006
Waaaa thanks :D - Aug 31 2006
no problem
have you read the readme??


inside the 128x128 folder is an folder called stock thats also the folder for the gtk2 theme

inside the stock folder is an iconrc file

is there an icon folder inside remove it in advance

the normal way copy the stock folder to the gtk2-theme folder of your use...
and rename it to icons

the space saver way
make an symlink to your gkt2-theme folder of your theme

as an example
ln -s /home//.icons/buuf/128x128/stock /home//.themes//gtk2/icons

then open the gtkrc and add this line
include "icons/iconrc"
yust before style "theme-default"

then restart gnome or open the theme manager --> theme details and selekt for the gtk and icon theme an anotherone wait till they loadet and switch back to buuf and the gtk2 theme

that should fix the fore and back buttons - Aug 31 2006
no problem - Aug 31 2006
thanks - Aug 23 2006
thanks, i've startet 3 times to make an theme... deleted all.. and thinked "hm, you can wait that someone will do one" as you... but i can't awayt it. so i've done it ^^ - Aug 23 2006
thanks but the flowers goes to
i've just made some adjustments and over 1000 times copy and paste ^^ - Aug 23 2006
for the 2 icon sorry nobody is perfekt ^^

that there is only the 32x32 and 128x128 folder is that that the icons are "scaleble" as perfex1 says the'll fit on demand to the size what is needet... - Aug 23 2006

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Jun 07 2007
i got it working the catvers ihave tested where starting with


but kxmame need this

;; CatVer (rev. 1) / 05-Mai-06 / MAME .105 / ;;

[Category] - May 06 2006
greetings i have an problem using your kxmame it wont load the catver.ini

kxmame: catver not loaded, using default values.

the path is set right... if testet several versions of catver.ini also named it to catver

i hope you can help - May 05 2006