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Jan 02 2013
It's not that simple - cron cannot access the widget at all as cron runs outside the desktop environment. If I were to use the widget for scheduled syncs I would have to write a complete scheduler in the widget, which would be a lot of work for something I can already achieve using cron.
I suggest you use a public key with no password, this is the supported configuration. - Jan 11 2013
I suppose that might be possible, but TARDIS has to be able to run even if the widget is not present, so it would break the design if I made it dependant on the widget. - Jan 11 2013
No that's not a bug. Using public keys with passwords is not supported.
When you use the 'Backup Now' button, the rsync process is started by the widget, within the KDE desktop environment, so ksshaskpass does work in that circumstance (although I'm actually surprised that it does).
The scheduled backups run as cron jobs - completely outside of the desktop environment - so have no access (or knowledge of) KDE wallet. I don't believe it's possible to make this work. - Jan 11 2013
It's no problem, I like receving feedback when it's helpful and constructive.

It sounds as if maybe your system has got confused as to where tardis is installed. Try:
plasmapkg -r tardis (to remove the zip version)
sudo apt-get purge plasma-widget-tardis
then reinstall the zip version. You won't lose your settings by doing this.

If a backup is already running when another one starts the new one will fail silently (The cron job checks to see if another one is running, and exits if so). This is how I want it to work - otherwise you can get into a situation where no backup ever completes because they are constantly being restarted. The difficulty with tardis is that the plasma widget and the actual backup script are completely separate and the amount of control one has over the other is very limited (I wrote the perl backup script long ago). If you know any python then you probably know more python that I do :) so any suggestions are welcome.

Yeah I don't want to get all professional about this with roadmaps and the like. :) To be honest I thought it was finished when I released version 0.03 but then I had more ideas. I don't really know what I'll add next, and that's kind of the fun of it. Feature requests are welcome. The SSH backup idea came from a feature request.

Tardis will detect if the backup destination directory doesn't exist. Thus if your external drive is mounted at /media/External and your backups go in /media/External/Backups then Tardis will report an error if the drive is not connected - the widget icon should change to a red circle with a !. - Dec 31 2012
Strange, that's exactly what I'm using.

Did you install from the PPA or from a zip file? If you installed from the PPA then the path is correct.

This new version should fail gracefully if the removeable drive is not present, provided the mount point also doesn't exist when the drive is not mounted.

As for roadmaps, I don't do roadmaps :) This is a thing I do because I wanted it and it will get worked on as and when I come up with ideas. Feel free to make feature requests over at the Sourceforge Page: - Dec 31 2012
Hi, thanks for the report. I'll fix the problem with missing stats.log (actually that was something I knew about and forgot to fix :) )

The issue with it adding the cron job in the wrong place is strange, since the path is read from a system call. I guess on your system it must be returning the system plasmoid path and not the actual installed path. Can you tell me which distro and which KDE version you're using and I'll look into it. Thanks.

As for the /tmp/tardispipe thing - you should only see this if plasma crashes (or if the applet fails to initialise due to a missing stats.log :) ). Unfortunately I can't think of a way round it at all. - Dec 31 2012
The next version (0.06, in a few days hopefully) will have a choice of dark or light icons :) - Dec 30 2012
Thanks :)

As for the disc not being connected, I'm working on some improvements in that area. At the moment, IIRC, you won't get any notification if the backup fails for any reason. That's on my to-do-list for the next version. - Dec 30 2012
:) I use a dark background as well and I know exactly what you mean :)
I have absolutely no ability at creating icons. The current one was downloaded from somewhere on the web. So yes I'd love to make a lighter one, but I don't have any idea how I'd manage it. I accept contributions :) - Nov 26 2012
I've never heard of a .plasmoid file.
Try searching for TARDIS on the widget installer - it should be available through "Get New Stuff" (or whatever they've decided to call it this week).
Otherwise you could just try renaming the .zip file to a .plasmoid file.
Or you could try 'plasmapkg -i'
If none of those work then I'm afraid I can't help you. It works on Kubuntu 11.10 with KDE 4.7. I guess the KDE guys have changed something again. I really wish they would make a decision and stick to it, it annoys the living **** out of everyone, - Apr 10 2012
Yeah I know... but it's such a perfect fit. I'll wait until they catch up with me or I come up with a better name. - Jan 15 2012
Yes, exactly that. It uses hard linking, so when you view the directory (or count the total disc space used by its contents) everything appears as an actual file, not a link. - Jan 10 2012
All the backups are incremental (except the first one).
However it's a bit different from what you might be used to as regards full/incremental backups.
Because of the way it works (using rsync and hard linking), when you browse the backup folders every backup looks like a full backup - i.e. no matter which backup folder you browse you will see the full contents of your home directory as it was at that time. - Jan 09 2012
Cool! Thanks :) - Jan 06 2012