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I copied ~/.config/qtcurve/stylerc to /etc/qtcurvestylerc and now GDM is using QtCurve with my presets. Problem solved. Thanks. - Oct 06 2010
Thanks for your answer... i tried changing /root/.config/qtcurve/stylerc, but it had no effect, even after restarting GDM or the whole system. I think GDM only reads the settings in /usr/share/themes/QtCurve/gtk-2.0/gtkrc, at least GDM's widgets get affected if i rename gtkrc to something else. But it has a different layout from stylerc, so i don't know how to configure it, or even if it's is possible at all. - Sep 28 2010
Hi Craig, today I found out that it's possible to change GDM's gtk theme, editing /etc/gdm/gdm.conf-custom and adding:

It works fine, but it uses QtCurve default preset and icons. Do you know if it's possible to use a custom preset, and my own icon set? - Sep 27 2010
I had the same problem in ubuntu when i switched from 8.04 to 9.04, but i found a workaround:
1. Download and extract kcontrol's package from hardy's repository (in your case a previous fedora release).
2. copy,,,,,, and to /usr/lib/kde3/
3. create .desktop files or simply run: kcmshell style, kcmshell colors, kcmshell icons and kcmshell fonts.
This way i can still use QtCurve in Amarok 1.4!
You can probably do something similar to fix this in fedora, although i'm not sure if you need any extra library... good luck. - Sep 06 2010
I've been clicking everything in Thunar like mad all day and everything is working fine! Problem fixed, thanks again! - Aug 28 2010
Great! Thanks a lot Craig! I'll try that right away and let you know how it works. - Aug 27 2010
Thanks for checking it, good luck! - Aug 27 2010
Hello Craig,

I have been using QtCurve for almost three years and I never had any problem at all, but since I updated from 0.62 to 1.4 I'm suffering this annoying little bug. The problem is that when I press the right mouse button over a file or folder in Thunar file manager, the context menu appears and vanishes right away. It doesn't happen every time, but it's quite often, and it only happens with Thunar and QtCurve (i switched to clearlooks for a couple of months and it never happened again). I recently find out that it doesn't vanish if I keep holding the right mouse button, but it can be very confusing and frustrating to the other users of this computer. It never happens using the keyboard's context menu key.
I'm running Xubuntu 9.04, but it also happens when I log in KDE. Is there any way of fixing this?

Anyway, thanks for the most beautiful and advanced theme ever. - Aug 26 2010
amaroK Desktop Script

Amarok 1.x Scripts by Kner 88 comments

well, in fact this patch doesn't add any buttons, but it allows to play/pause, and change to previous or next song by clicking on the desktop cover.

You have to replace:

popen("dcop amarok player showOSD")

in line 305 of with:

if e.button() == Qt.LeftButton:
popen("dcop amarok player prev")
if e.button() == Qt.MidButton:
popen("dcop amarok player playPause")
if e.button() == Qt.RightButton:
popen("dcop amarok player next")

note: the "if e.button()..." lines must have 8 blank spaces before them.
and the "popen("dcop..." lines must have 12 blank spaces before them.

after doing this you will be able to:
*left click: change to previous song
*middle click: pause or stop
*right click: skip to next song

by the way, i'm no programmer, i just read a small python tutorial a few weeks ago, but thanks to google i managed to get this done! i hope someone find this useful. - May 05 2009
amaroK Desktop Script

Amarok 1.x Scripts by Kner 88 comments

Thanks! i don't know either what it does... but it worked quite well for me too (i'm running xfce). - May 05 2009

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amaroK Desktop Script

Amarok 1.x Scripts
by Kner

5 .0
Aug 27 2010
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