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New Ozone theme with rounded menus is perfect! :)

It's Oxygen done right... ;) - Nov 17 2010
Hello CraigD,

I hope this question has not been posted before:

Is it posibble to create a Oxygen style (Rounded menus, ...) for QtCurve or are there technical barriers to implement a style like that for KDE/Qt and Gtk?

I tried Oxygen Molecule style for Gtk but it has _not_ the quality of QtCurve!

Looking forward for new versions! :)


Felix - Aug 19 2010
Thanks for your quick reply! Till then I will start Google Earth with

./googleearth -style cleanlooks

That works for me here. - Dec 20 2009

Googleearth 5.1.3509.4636 (beta) running on Kubuntu 9.10 crashes when using original Kubuntu QtCurve version 0.69.1 and when using self compiled 0.69.2 when clicking on (see error messages):

> File > Open

When using Cleanlooks I can open the file dialog without problems.

Thanks in advance!

Quote:Major Version 5
Minor Version 1
Build Number 3509
Build Date Sep 17 2009
Build Time 15:19:56
OS Type 11
OS Major Version 2
OS Minor Version 6
OS Build Version 31
OS Patch Version 0
Crash Signal 11
Crash Time 1260613121
Up Time 8,13621

Stacktrace from glibc:
- Dec 12 2009
Thanks for the hint! :) But I had to overwrite the existing qtc_klearlooks.themerc file. Otherwise systemsettings did not find my qtc_myqturve.themerc file. I will post your hint to the bug report on

Hope that they can fix that before Intrepid comes out. - Oct 20 2008
Your theme gets better all the time! :)

Have a problem under Kubuntu Intrepid beta. After choosing QtCurve in KDE 4 systemsettings, logging out and in again, the style is set back to Oxygen. Gtk 2 and KDE 3 applications do remember the style settings...

Do you have experienced the same problem, too? - Oct 19 2008

can you recommend QtCurve as default theme for inclusion in KDE4?

This is the only theme available which looks professional and unifies the look'n'feel for KDE AND Gnome apps!

Would be great to combine it with gtk-qt theme so that you get an entry in kcontrol for choosing the Gnome fonts and theme. If you choose there QtCurve for Gnome, the desktop looks very consistent when running Gnome apps under KDE.

And a common look'n'feel is very important for desktop adoption in my point of view! It doesn't get better if there are different looking themes for Gnome and KDE apps! - Feb 11 2007
This app looks really great :) Do you plan to release a version for KDE 3.5? - Nov 26 2006
I saw that you use (K)ubuntu Edgy. Since a few hours I try to get exact the same font size/look in Gtk/Gnome/KDE apps under KDE. I tried all things: adding gnome-settings-daemon to Autostart, setting DisplaySize in xorg.conf, setting different DPI values in gnome-font-properties etc.
But whatever I did I do not get exact font look/sizes in KDE/Gnome/Gtk apps when running them with QtCurve under KDE... :(
How you do that? Thanks! - Nov 01 2006
I tried the steps you suggested but that didn't help.

I removed the KDE lines in gtkrc and edited qt_settings.c like you said. Maybe this error appears only if you call GTK/Gnome apps while in Gnome and not in KDE!?

Don't have KDE on my Ubuntu installation. Will try it under SUSE. - Aug 11 2006
Yes, the error message still appears when I do

GTK2_RC_FILES=/usr/share/themes/QtCurve/gtk-2.0/gtkrc gimp

I compiled QtCurve with

./configure --prefix=/usr --disable-debug --target=athlon

Gtk version is the default Ubuntu one:

2.8.20-0ubuntu1 - Aug 10 2006
Your theme gets better everytime!

The only thing is that I get the following error message in a terminal when running GTK apps:

-:1: error: unexpected character `,', expected character `}'

The apps are working but it's still annoying. I compiled QtCurve by myself and have the problem under SUSE and Ubuntu.

Beside that:

What about an inverted Shiny Glass? That would be perfect! - Aug 09 2006
I installed QtCurve 0.38 and have still drawing problems in OpenOffice under Gnome using GTK widgets.

See screenshot:

Another thing - do you plan to also include an Industrial style in QtCurve?

That would be awesome to have unified Industrial look'n'feel for GTK and KDE applications. - Jul 03 2006

Audio Apps by wheeler 55 comments

Juk is really superb, to say the best at the moment:

- Amarok - good for a few music files but sooo slow with thousands of music files.
- Rhythmbox - crashes while importing all of my music files.
- Banshee - is very promising but very buggy at the moment.
- Lsongs - too many dependencies, hard to build on SUSE.

Juk is not the nicest jukebox but it works and this is most important to me and searching a big playlist is damn fast. Great work! - Dec 27 2005
Shine Keramik

KDE 3.5 Themes by ranmak 18 comments

This is the way Keramik should have been looking.

Some rough edges in 0.1 but already very good. :) - Dec 26 2005
Gnomish SVG

Icon Sub-Sets by NikolaP 22 comments

I like the Gnome SVG icon theme very much.

But it seems that you forgot to include the


file in the package. I have searched it but there was none. But this is needed to replace the Gnome stock icons which I do not like that much.

The desktop icons are too big. I changed the values in the file index.theme but nothing worked - nether setting big sizes nor small sizes. The directory icons have the correct size but all other icon types on the desktop are too big. - Apr 22 2005
GTK-QT Theme Engine

GTK1 Themes by davidsansome 280 comments

I have been waiting a long time for sth. like that!

Fantastic idea!

Great work! :) - Feb 17 2004
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