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felix perez Panama City, Panama
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Faenza Variants

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by spg76
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Nov 24 2010
Also a Handbrake Icon if possible I like the set very much good work. - Nov 11 2010
Yeah I found how to do it too, just changed this
- Nov 11 2010
I was wondering how I can change the normal gnome-bar faenza icons from the black ones to the white ones, or more accurate the ones from the faenza-dark variant, - Nov 10 2010
Equinox Evolution Dark

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Sep 11 2010
I found a way to fix this, I just haven't figured out how to distribute it with the theme. there's a file in /usr/share/themes/Equinox Evolution/gtk-2.0/images it's name is handle-nautilus.png . You can modify that pictures color to whatever color you want, I made it a little darker and it makes it fit perfeclty. - Sep 11 2010
You can find the metacity theme up above in the PPA just follow the instructions on what to install and that's it.

Si hablas espaƱol que eso es lo que creo, las instrucciones estan arriba tienes que agregar el PPA con los commandos que escribi y instalar los packetes, ya despues de ahi solo instalas el archivo .tar.gz como siempre lo haces y listo te debe servir bien. - Sep 08 2010
I was astonished when saw the final result I was just playing around with the Equinox evolution theme and it turned out to be my favorite dark theme alltogether even though I didn't like the original Equinox Evolution. - Sep 08 2010
That's the actual weight it's not a full theme, it a mod of Equinox Evolution. - Sep 08 2010