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Mike Mikro , United Kingdom
Mona - Dark and blue GTK theme

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Score 77.8%
Jul 31 2017
Dōmo arigatō! - Jun 21 2015
I have uploaded a screenshot of what KeepassX looks like with Mona 1.0 - it shows both the text field background-colour problem, and the issue with the top-left application icon (though in reality those four squares flicker rapidly). It also shows that checkboxes in some applications look a little... 20th century? - Jun 20 2015
I should add perhaps, that I'm sort of using Xubuntu 14.04, but built from a minimal install (i.e. apt-get install xfce4 from a plain Ubuntu command line environment) - I'm very much in the camp that prefers the very minimum in terms of eye-candy and whizz-bangery. - Jun 20 2015
Many thanks for this beautiful theme - finally a dark theme that works across all applications in both GTK2 and GTK3 and that looks nice; clean, simple and tidy. Well done! I have been using XFCE-Dusk for years, mainly because of the lack of any sensible alternatives, but since it doesn't work in GTK3 many applications have the default appearance. I have tried tons of different dark themes but they've all had some fatal flaws - most commonly not being actually "dark", but some sort of horrible mid grey compromise. This is by far the best attempt I've seen! Theming is not a hobby of mine, and I don't want to make it one - it's quite absurd to think that over the years I have literally spent days of my time trying to get a dark desktop, without ever succeeding. Why so complicated? This situation badly needs to improve. Meanwhile, it looks like Mona is the way forward! I found a few niggly little bugs though:

  • The top-left application icon is broken in all windows (GTK2 and GTK3); there is no icon displayed, and when I hover over it four small rapidly flashing blue squares appear. Maybe I'm missing some GTK engine?

  • Text input boxes have the same background colour as the main application background; I would much prefer this to be a darker shade. The same goes for the address bar in Firefox.

  • The distinction between selected and non-selected tabs is a little too subtle - would it be possible for example to make the tab titles in non-selected tabs just a shade darker than that of the selected tab?

  • In some applications (GTK3?), the scrollbar background is the same light-blue colour as the slider has when you drag it (e.g. "Settings Manager").

  • The "roll-up" button in window title bars has a background colour, while the minimise/maximise buttons do not.

  • When I hover over icons in (for example) "Settings Manager", the icons go dark in a sort of "disabled" fashion.

  • And I don't know if this is something that's controlled by themes or not, but window borders are so thin it is very difficult to grab hold of a window edge to resize the window; It's like there's just one single pixel where the pointer changes to the resize action. This is nothing new though - it has annoyed me for years!

    - Jun 20 2015
    Score 77.8%
    Jun 20 2015