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Jul 23 2012
In the git version, I added a simple

Please test if this new version fixes you "out-of-window" problems. - Sep 23 2012
Well, if it happens with Bespin only, then it is obviously a Bespin problem and you should contact its author.
As for Firefox, I don't see why it should have changed with a newer version, as the plugin is not specific to any Firefox version. I am not using Firefox 15 myself, but my guess would be that it is some sort of settings problem. Try to contact the Sumo people about that ... - Sep 08 2012
There are two variables that determine where KPartsPlugin is installed to and both are provided when calling cmake using a switch like -D VARIABLE=VALUE
The installation path for the browser plugin itself is controlled by NSPLUGIN_INSTALL_DIR and the default value is /usr/lib*/nsbrowser/plugins/
The KCM and other files are installed into a subtree defined in CMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX which is /usr/local by default.
For more details on KDE and CMake, have a look here: - Jun 27 2012
> great plugin!It really makes kde appear less a
> second class citizen in the desktop environment
> arena!
KDE was never a second class citizen!

> why the kcm mdoule? AFAIK you don't need to
> create it, you can make kpartsplugin be a
> viewer in the default file association module
> by adding just a .desktop file.
You got it wrong where KPartsPlugin comes into play. It is not meant to replace Okluar, it makes Okular accessible from within your non-KDE browser.
KPartsPlugin will claim support in the browser for any mimetype which is supported in the KDE system, which is maybe not what you want. For example, KPartsPlugin will claim to support all kinds of office file formats as soon as Calligra is installed, but you may want to prefer LibreOffice's native plugin you browser. Simply use the KCM module to tell KPartsPlugin to step back.

> the toolbar and the menubar are not right-
> clckable (at least for okular). Is it a wanted
> behaviour? Since its a plugin it would be
> wonderful to be able to enable/disable the
> menubar.
Well, I have to admit it: The menu/tool bar is fake and just rebuilds the original one at its bare minimum. Feel free to contribute code how to improve it.
However, I could add an option to the KCM module to add options for (not) showing buttons or menus ...

- Jun 08 2012
Found a solution last night. Please check the newest release (20120506) - Jun 05 2012
No idea about that, but maybe people from the Debian KDE project can help you here (esp. the packaging part). - Jun 05 2012
Should be "fixed" in the new release (20120605) - Jun 05 2012
> is there a way to preserve the original filename
> and pre-populate the "save copy" dialog with it?
As far as I know, there is no way to communicate the original URL to the plugin. The browser only sends a byte stream to the plugin to show. But I'll investigate this case ... - Jun 04 2012
You should use the regular toolchain, i.e. "make install" to install all necessary files into the right places.
In your case, I guess you missed to install kcm_kpartsplugin.desktop into SOME_KDE_DIR/share/kde4/services/ - Jun 04 2012
It may work now, please test again. If it is not working, please wait another year so that I can come up with a new idea... - May 24 2012
This is most likely not KPartPlugin's fault, but rather a configuration issue of either your browser or KDE.
  • For Firefox, check in its preferences -> Applications that KPartsPlugin is configured for the archive's mime type.
  • In KDE's File Association settings, check that an embeddable viewer is selected for this mime type.
  • - May 24 2012
    This issue is fixed in the newest release (20120524) - May 24 2012
    I don't use Kubuntu, but I cannot reproduce the problem with Firefox 10. - Apr 15 2012
    I am not sure if I understood your problem correctly. You are trying to open a PDF file in Firefox and instead of the plugin, Okular opens as an application? Please check which plugin settings you are using for PDF in Firefox (i.e. open externally or inside a plugin) - Apr 15 2012
    Fixed - Sep 08 2011
    Nice. I hope they will update to the most recent version. 201100606 is already a little bit outdated ... - Aug 31 2011
    No, printing is a feature specific to individual KParts used in this plugin and not accessible for KPartsPlugin. You have to open a file in an external view (use this button) to get access to the printing function.

    The function may become available once I have figured out how to embed menus and toolbars of KParts inside the plugin. - Aug 25 2011
    Hm, I think I found and fixed the problem. Please try release 20110823. - Aug 23 2011
    Very strange. Do you have a working Java applet? I.e. if you deactivate or even deinstall KPartsPlugin, is the Java applet working again correctly?
    If the Java applet is working correctly, I would need the URL where you observed the problem for my own testing. - Aug 23 2011
    Nice to hear that about Debian.
    BTW, my favorite distribution contains it was well: - Jul 19 2011
    I was looking into the lack of translation and I can confirm all your observations, e.g. that locale seems to be fixed on "en_US" despite being manually set to another language.
    I tried to manually create KApplication or KComponentData objects, but this either did not make any difference or crashed the browser. - Jul 19 2011
    I am using an untranslated KDE and cannot quickly change my language to test translations. Can you please insert
    at the beginning of KPartsPlugin's constructor (around line 180) and test if it is working? - Jun 12 2011
    I just uploaded a new release that contains a .pot file and a simple script for translations. No functional changes, though - Jun 06 2011
    Keyboard control is messy if you are using a KPart inside a Netscape browser plugin inside a browser. I don't see an obvious solution, but if you find one I'll be happy to include it into this plugin. - Jun 06 2011
    It is rather a limitation of the Netscape plugin interface (and maybe the X Window system) how to handle e.g. keypresses. If you press Ctrl+F, should the browser take this keystroke to search the webpage, or the plugin to search its PDF? (this is a rhetorical question)
    The only practical solution I see right now is that you have to open the PDF in an external viewer, which gives you all features you want. - May 05 2011
    Thank you for your contribution, too! - Apr 08 2011
    Thank you for your contribution! - Apr 08 2011
    (hm, my answer is not shown in the forum. Maybe it got lost ...).
    About the Google Talk problem: Should have been fixed with the next version (see ChangeLog).
    About the Java problem. Can you verify this problem with different browsers (Firefox, Opera, Chrome, Arora, ...)? If yes, please provide me with an example URL to test it. - Dec 20 2010
    I would guess if something changed within KDE, it would no longer compile. Maybe test KPartsPlugin with another KDE version on your system. - Aug 09 2010
    Ok, linked it on the homepage and a "SUSE" download on the page - Aug 09 2010
    Can you please explain in more detail how and when the plugin crashes? Any more details? Start your browser from command line and give me the output, please. E.g. via
    firefox >/tmp/output.txt 2>&1 - Jul 25 2010
    BTW, thank you for the compliment. :-) - Jul 06 2010
    Flash is now (as of 20100706) marked as blacklisted in a built-in list. - Jul 06 2010
    Issue addressed in latest update. Please check if it is working for you. - Jun 29 2010
    Thank you for your contribution! - Jun 27 2010
    This issue is addressed in the newest release. - Jun 27 2010
    Just sent this message to the author of the Firefox extension:

    Hello Guillermo Adrián,

    I am the author of KPartsPlugin, a KDE-based browser plugin which uses
    KParts to show files in browsers that use Netscape plugins.

    A user has reported that Firefox crashes when my plugin is used at the
    same time as your Firefox KWallet extension. I can confirm this crash.
    The error message I get here is:

    QWidget: Cannot create a QWidget when no GUI is being used

    Looking into this message and your code I think the reason is that your
    code instantiates a KApplication object without GUI (using parameter
    bool GUIenabled=false).

    I have no experience with building Firefox extensions or any
    prerequisites installed, so I would like to ask you to flip the flag and
    either test my KParts plugin or send me a recompiled xpi of your

    Thank you for your consideration. - Jun 27 2010
    Yes, I thought about that as well. I have to look into that in more detail. Maybe during the weekend... - Jun 10 2010
    I was able to reproduce the crash, but I haven't figured out yet what the problem is. Maybe because several QApplication instances are created in the same context ... - Jun 10 2010
    I was not aware the OpenSuse has modified Firefox to use Okular and therefore did not have a look on that.
    My plugin basically supports all KDE parts (including KOffice) you can assign a mime type to. So far I covered the most relevant/popular mime types, but it is easy to add more parts/mime types by just adding one line of text. Check src/mimetypes.txt for a list of mime types this plugin claims to support towards the browser and forwards to the KDE subsystem when asked to open such data. - Jun 03 2010
    There seems to be a lot of different places where plugins can be installed to, both depending on browser and distribution. You can easily change the installation path in CMakeLists.txt - May 22 2010
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    Dec 17 2005
    Hello, how did you do this image? Was the woman's face converted to a vector graphics? - Dec 18 2005

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    Aug 11 2015
    Hello, usually I don't check this page every day, so if you have questions or comments, please send me an email.
    If you have problems loading a bibtex file, please attach it to your email so that I can check it myself. Thanks! - Sep 23 2005
    > I would be very handy to have a "download pdf from local db" function in Kbibtex.
    The feature you request might be already in the new version. For both the field "url" in "misc" and for valid urls in "user fields" you can click on "open" to open the file in konqueror. - Sep 23 2005
    If KBibTeX does not load your .bib file completely, there are two possible reasons: (1) the .bib file is buggy (2) KBibTeX is buggy.
    Please send me your .bib file for debugging - Sep 23 2005
    Are you sure the url is correct? I cannot resolve - Sep 23 2005
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    Jan 11 2005
    Hello, could you please remove the apostrophe from the filenames (in the next release)? Apostrophes make handling these files with scripts unneccessary difficult. - Aug 16 2005
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    The Coffee color scheme occurs twice:
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    Both files are identical - Nov 28 2004

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    Could you please include a color style in asteroid's next release? - May 14 2004