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Freddie Cash Kamloops, Canada
Easy SSH Connection

Plasma 4 Extensions by vgevorgyan 52 comments

Actually, what would be even better, is if it would scan ~/.ssh/config and automatically add entries for each Host line.

Since everything is already in the SSH config file, there's no need for a separate config file for this plasmoid (unless you want to keep it separate from the SSH config, although I really can't see why you would).

Then it would become a quick'n easy shortcut for all the hosts in the SSH config file. - Jun 01 2010
Easy SSH Connection

Plasma 4 Extensions by vgevorgyan 52 comments

Any way to get this to open a new tab in an already running konsole, instead of opening up a whole new konsole window for each connection?

If that was possible, then it would make for a usable "bookmark" replacement for konsole, until such time as ssh bookmarks work in konsole. :)

Also, having the ability to group the connections in the plasmoid would be handy, especially if there was an "open all connections in this group" feature. Combined with the "start connection in tab" feature above, this could replace the bookmarks in konsole completely.

Finally, is there any chance that all the fields (including port) could be made optional? With the hostname being the only mandatory field? Otherwise, it duplicates all of the configuration data that is already in ~/.ssh/config

Keep up the good work. It's certainly a useful plasmoid. - Jun 01 2010