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Aug 03 2010
Okay, now that is a very weird bug. I tested it with KDE 4.5 and it seems to be fixed there. However till all major distributions switched to 4.5, I uploaded a new version of the plasmoid to work around this issue.
In case anyone is interested what caused this bug see line 22 of "contents/html/main.html" in version 0.4.2 and change the value to 0px.
Thanks for reporting :-) - Aug 03 2010
thanks for the report. investigating ... - Jun 11 2010
Release early, release often^^

The new version contains a lot of minor changes like a fixed typo, better design of error messages and others.
As promised, I added a refresh button that appears on hover. However I am not much of an artist and the design is certainly not finalized. If you have some cool idea how to visually improve the plasmoid, please share it :-)

So what about the next version?
In case you provide some feedback and ideas regarding the design, I will try and implement them for 0.5.
Apart from that I plan to display the last refresh time (similar to on hover. - May 28 2009
> Hmmm, maybe you could expand on the fuctionality. How about a plasmoid that tells you where you can get a pizza? ;)

Hehe, nice idea :-)
But I think this plasmoid is only useful, if you want to track the (changing) position of something ... If you find some other useful datasource (like other mobile ice-cream parlors or whatever), I will be happy to add support for them here :-) - May 27 2009
oops, is online again, so don't worry :-)
Also don't forget to correct the update interval in your configuration, as 0.3 will treat the seconds you configured as minutes. - May 25 2009
Hi everyone,
I just released a new version of the plasmoid, which will now displays error messages, if it is unable to download the position data (sadly is down at the moment, which is why I thought some visible error message would be cool).
I also decided not to rewrite the complete configuration dialog just to remove a single button. The wasted space is tolerable.
As for i18n, I found out how to include translations in plasmoid packages, however this will require KDE 4.3. That's why I am going to include a german translation (as soon as I got PyKDE and kde trunk working together), so 4.3 users get the translation just by installing the plasmoid and 4.2 users will likely have to copy some files around.
The next version will likely contain a nice visible-on-hover button to refresh the position data.

Have fun,
Flyser :-) - May 25 2009
That was on my (mental) to-do list ;-) - May 23 2009
Yeah, I was thinking about a SpinBox to enter a value and a DropDownBox to select if the unit of this value is seconds, minutes or hours. But minutes might actually be sufficent ... (except for testing purposes; I often use 10secs then, but that's not an usecase)

> Regarding the config dialog: You should have a look at some other python plasmoids,
> as all other plasmoids use the same config dialog, you must have done something differently ;)

I noticed that, too^^
/me is investigating :D - May 20 2009
thanks for the feedback :-)
Version 0.2 should fix at least some of the issues you mentioned. To fix all of them I am going to write my own configuraiton dialog instead of using KConfig XTs. (Except if someone can tell me how to fix them with kconfig ...)
I am also looking for the right widget for the "Update Interval" setting, as I want to allow a interval ranging from hours to seconds ...

-- Flyser - May 20 2009

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