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Matt Bee
1) Its a beautiful wallpaper and I've linked your original post on here and in the ubuntu thread..and mentioned your uid on both times :)

2) Thanks for pointing that out - it shouldn't take much to fill it in

3) Did the message.suse theme work before you tried this one?

4) NP, thankyou! :) - Jul 25 2006
Dark Grey Ubuntu GFXBoot Theme

GRUB Themes by footissimo 6 comments

The top right bit is easy enough, but to change the bottom left bit, I'll have to contact paullinux - the guy who did the original wallpaper, so to find out which font he used. If you're not bothered by the bottom left bit (where it says 'ubuntu 6.06 LTS') then I'll do it - Jul 25 2006
Hi Lava, I did put a link in for the Ubuntu derivatives (2nd paragraph, 1st line).. not sure about other distros (aside from SuSE, where it comes from) - try your repos and your favourite search engine. As its a SLD thing, I'd imagine that the source is available from Novell.

Hope that helps - Jul 25 2006