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Franí§ois GAUMER
Borderless elementary

GTK2 Themes by bobdmv 7 comments

Many thanks!
I tried but it didn't work.
Anyway, someone did it: - Jan 08 2011
Borderless elementary

GTK2 Themes by bobdmv 7 comments

Hey! I really love this theme.
I'd like to do the same with my theme based on ambiance.
What did you changed in the xml?
- Jan 05 2011
Aurora Elegant

GTK2 Themes by gmeier 34 comments

I really love your theme. Thanks for your work.
There's a little something I wanted to change on your theme: the white line around the windows when maximized. Can it be changed and how? Is it a bug or was it wanted ?

Thanks again - Aug 02 2010
DockbarX Experimental Windows 7 style

DockbarX Themes by rassen 11 comments

Hi. Really nice modification of Dockbarx.
I installed dockbar myself, but didn't find a way to add a space between the icons. Beside, i really like these windows7-buttons-like effect you made.
Mind sharing the steps you did to come to this appearance?

Anyway, you did a really nice job on this.
- Jun 12 2009
9   Jan 05 2011