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Database Deployment Manager

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Sep 24 2013
Paths: You have a valid point here, in the next release for Linux I will fix this issue. It should have a proper integration into Linux systems too, regardless of other operating systems.

KDE app: before the next release is out (at that time noone really should download the old release) I will remove the app from this site since indeed it does not need KDE to function. However it would be great to attract the attention of the app developers to not to post any KDE unrelated applications here when they are posting a new app.

cheers, f. - Sep 26 2013
Hi again,

Regarding paths: The application is supposed to be installed in one directory, because it accesses all its resources (DB repository, DB defaults, help) in a common way for all the platforms, using relative paths from the application's executable directory. If I would have had scattered theses around the system the entire codebase would be full with #ifdefs depending on the operating system... These are the deuces when preparing something for multiplatform compatibility :( I find KDE to be the most common sense desktop environment out there so I made a few extra steps to provide better integration of the application into it. Unless explicitly required by someone I have no plans of providing packages for any other linux distro / nor better desktop integration due to lack of time and resources.

Regarding /opt/ddm: According to this seemed to be a good location to install the App. It's pretty big, with several files packaged in a non standard way ... The only files that do not go in this place are the ones KDE (and gnome) uses for integrating the app into the desktop and the menu (/usr/share/applications & icons according to ...

Regarding Ubuntu: possibly not, the application is waiting in their review system for the last 8 months (when I have released the previous version), so I think I'll give up ever having this in the basic Ubuntu system and I use the .DEBs for distributing. Before the .DEBs there were binary installers but they didn't handle the dependencies very well, so I had to learn how to DEB (well, at least with CMake ... )

Regarding KDE & KDE libs: when I have added the application to kde-apps I could select the dependency of only Qt, and I did not find any mention on the site that the application should be linked to any of the KDE libs. I thought the site name means application which can be run on your KDE (Applications for your KDE desktop - does this mean you should link to KDE libs?). If there would be a I would post it there too (since the application also runs nicely on gnome 2 & 3 ...). My goal is to tell the world outside that there is a free app which they can use to ease their daily lives with databases and it seemed normal to have it posted to as many places as possible.

However to comply with your request please point me on the site where it is explicitly mentioned that it is mandatory to link to any of the KDE libraries in order to have your app on the kde-apps site, and if it is written convincingly enough I will remove the application from here, and leave only the one at - Sep 25 2013
You're right about the KDE libraries, but for this application there was no real need to introduce an extra layer of complexity... it is complicated enoguh without these too.

Regarding packaging: I am really sorry, but I simply don't have the resources to support all the various linux distros out there. They use several different package management systems, which is not only difficult for the users, but it can be really a ngihtmare for the developer if they want to support more than one of them. So I took the brave decision to support the one which is the most simple for the end user. This is Ubuntu and its derivatives.
- Sep 24 2013
Thank you for attracting my attention towards this, I have added an extra link to the source code package. - Sep 24 2013
Great... Then let's hope one day they will arrive there too... - Aug 15 2013
It is waiting approval in the "plain" ubuntu repositories (for some time)... Do you know how can I add to the kubuntu repos? - Aug 15 2013
Here: - May 27 2013
Database Deployment Manager

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Sep 23 2013
Hmm, maybe I should see if it is available to non developers too... - Jan 24 2013
Of course! Please take it from

hg clone dbm-project-code

(you will need mercurial for this to work)
- Jan 24 2013