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Forrest Guice Arizona, United States of America
Water Watcher Plasmoid

Plasma 4 Extensions by ftg 4 comments

This is definitely possible but after giving it some thought I don't think I am going to pursue it.

I am pretty sure the majority of the data displayed at comes from the same source used by the plasmoid, with the exception of the estimates for streams without gauges. There is also the issue of bandwidth. The plasmoid has the potential of using up a lot of it and I am not sure the boating club that runs the levels site would appreciate the traffic.

Providing a nice interactive graph of the data is one my primary goals. Unfortunately a QML plot component isn't available and probably won't be until the release of Qt 5 (a year away). Until then I might try to provide some kind of static graph that is generated by the data engine but I don't think that is a very ideal solution.

I am open to other suggestions for features, especially if they help make the plasmoid more useful for boaters. - May 08 2012