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Saverio R. MIlan, Italy

Metacity Themes by fym 8 comments

Thanks a lot...
Please give me feedback on how to improve it!
- Jan 01 2009
Conte Lien

GTK2 Themes by fym 4 comments

Thanks for the appreciation.
If you have any kind of suggestion, please tell me. I would like to get this further!

Happy New Year! - Jan 01 2009

Metacity Themes by fym 8 comments

Working on a solution with arcs...

The only thing is they cannot be defined with alpha as the tint I wrote the whole window again without alphas! - Dec 08 2008

Metacity Themes by fym 8 comments


I do know about the corners!
In particular the bottom ones, they have been very hard to draw (Check the code)

Any idea on how to implement them better without using .pngs??? Or where to look at? - Dec 08 2008
Human 2

GTK2 Themes by kimmik 18 comments

This is the code you need, in particular the last line, regarding the fast user switch applet:

widget_class "*Mail*" style "panel"
widget "*PanelWidget*" style "panel"
widget "*PanelApplet*" style "panel"
widget "*fast-user-switch-applet*" style "panel"

But I don't know about the other applet if it works with this, or if not. In case it doesn't you just have to look for the widget name and style it!

Take a look at my Conte Murrina to see the code in action! - Nov 16 2008
Conte Murrina

GTK2 Themes by fym 2 comments

I didn't package the metacity theme with mine because I didn't modify it at all.
But I put a link to the theme in the description.
In addition, I remind you that the unity theme is officially part of the gnome-theme-extras package.

Thx for your comment - Nov 12 2008

GTK2 Themes
by zentili

Jan 25 2009

GTK2 Themes
by perfectska04

Dec 28 2008