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Rainer Marks Norderstedt, Germany

Utilities by becrux 45 comments

KDE does not supply QT.
I could download QT from Trolltech and install it from source or the binary package, but there is a great chance to screw up my system.
And it is to much work just to test your app, even if it sounds great.

In 9 days there will be the first RC of Ubuntu Jaunty, which provides QT 4.5. I think it's better for me just to wait this time and try it then.

Thanks for your help!! - Apr 07 2009

Utilities by becrux 45 comments

I use version 4.4.3 - Apr 06 2009

Utilities by becrux 45 comments

When I try to build wallyplugin, I get the following error:

/home/rainer/work/src/wally-2.0.2/wallyplugin/wallyplugin.cpp: In constructor »WallyPlugin::WallyPlugin(QObject*, const QVariantList&)«:
/home/rainer/work/src/wally-2.0.2/wallyplugin/wallyplugin.cpp:20: Fehler: »removeServer« ist kein Element von »QLocalServer« - Apr 04 2009
Flickr On Plasma

Plasma 4 Extensions by bram85 43 comments

I like this, works fine on Ubuntu intrepid.

It would be nice, if the plasmoid could also set the wallpaper to downloaded picture.

Intrepid debs could be found at - Dec 12 2008
Kirocker Music Display

Audio Apps by Sebien 324 comments

Hi Sebien,

I like kirocker very much. But there is one thing I miss: a dcop command to return from fullscreen. So that we can use remote control for starting/ending fullscreen mode.
If I don't use it in KDE-panel,I use a script like:

status=`ps -o comm -C kirocker --noheader`

if [ "$status" = 'kirocker' ] ;then

killall kirocker

But if it is running in the panel, there is no process 'kirocker' an I'am not able to quit it with a command. - Nov 19 2007
Blue Glass

Beryl/Emerald Themes by Garlic 3 comments


The wallpaper is a WallpaperClock wallpaper. You can get it from

To use it you need Screenlets and WalpaperClock screenlet from - Nov 17 2007
Dark Blue Sea

Beryl/Emerald Themes by Garlic 2 comments

The buttons are stolen from slatehorn theme. I did only some minor changes to them. - Aug 14 2007