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Gerlando Lo Savio Palermo, Italy
Karamba & Superkaramba
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Yet Another Window Control

Plasma 4 Extensions 59 comments

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May 08 2012
Found it: they are specific icons from the plasma desktop theme. For example, if you're using the oxygen plasma theme, they are in:

It should be enough to create a new custom theme with different icons (maybe borrowing them from other themes :), or just put edited icons in ~/.kde/share/apps/desktoptheme/[yourtheme]/configuration-icons.svgz

- Feb 12 2013
I'd really like to replace those icons too. They don't match at all with the Oxygen title bar icons that do the same things. - Feb 12 2013
SOHO Explorer

Plasma 4 Extensions 2 comments

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Oct 08 2009
I experienced Plasma crash running this plasmoid with KDE SC 4.5.1. under Kubuntu 10.04 x86.

Here's the bug report on bko:

Can you have a look at it please? - Sep 24 2010

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements 47 comments

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Jan 17 2011
I'm back from a couple of nights of astrophotography with my laptop, and I can confirm that your plugin is really useful to preserve night vision.
I partially solved the color problem choosing the aya plasma theme and setting a dark and red-based color theme.

Thanks for your work! :-) - Jun 13 2010
This is a really useful plugin, at least for me. I'm an amateur astronomer and I always look for ways to preserve my night vision, and your plugin was what I was looking for.

Can you add a feature to add a custom tint (I'd like red, for night vision) when nightmode is on?

It would be really fantastic if we could get features similar to Nocturne app for Mac Os X:
I used it on my Macbook Pro and loved it (but alway prefer GNU/Linux on Mac Os X). - Jun 10 2010
KDE Partition Manager

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Sep 01 2010
Will it support Logical Volume Manager? - May 17 2010
From Root to Tree

Nature 3 comments

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Sep 16 2005
I just looked that website, but their tree it is quite different from the one on my photo... maybe this time they're not stealing!

But the idea of the tree on a white background is the same... do you think I should ask them some money for it?!? ;-P

gerlos - Oct 17 2005
Solid & Clever

Wallpaper Other 2 comments

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Sep 17 2005
Thank you!
What else to write about that shot?
I liked that statue under the rain so much that I took something like 15 shots before finding the best one... and after that, I couldn't stop working on it with gimp!

It seems it is going to say so many things!

I'm happy you liked it.

gerlos - Oct 01 2005
GDM Ubuntix smooth theme

GDM Themes 9 comments

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Jul 25 2005
Me too...
I like gdm more than kdm... you know, it's only a matter of tastes!

Thanks for this nice theme!
gerlos - Aug 06 2005
Etna Tree

Nature 7 comments

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Aug 29 2005

To help people can't read and just click on images, I just uploaded a low-end (1024x819 pixel) version of my wallpaper.
Hope you will like it.

You can always download the full image (1280x1024 pixel) clicking on "download"
o from my website:

gerlos - Aug 06 2005
Hello people,
It's quite strange... I posted a screenshot of my desktop just to let you see how he wallpaper would look like in real world, but if you click on "download" you will download the full image (sorry, it's almost 1 MB, but it worths the wait!).

The "download" link is working for me, but if for some reason you can't download it from there, just try directly from my website:
And then just click on the thumbnail to get the full image.

And please, don't troll about your difficulties!

gerlos - Aug 06 2005
Scuola di Atene

KDE 3.x Splash Screens 5 comments

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Aug 27 2004
Are you joking?
Don't tell me that you REALLY need someone to tell you that the autor of the painting is Raphael, don't you??!?!?

Anyway, nice job!
gerlos - Aug 28 2004
Redshift Plasmoid

Plasma 4 Extensions
by simgunz

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Mar 07 2013
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May 06 2011

by denisq

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Nov 09 2010

by jamboarder

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Nov 06 2010
Battery Time Remaining

Plasma 4 Extensions
by biophysics

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Oct 29 2010
SOHO Explorer

Plasma 4 Extensions
by downdiagonal

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Sep 24 2010

Dolphin Service Menus
by kinus

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Jul 14 2010

by deuteros

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Jul 14 2010

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements
by DavidEdmundson

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Jun 10 2010
Dropbox ServiceMenu

Dolphin Service Menus
by hash87

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May 17 2010
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May 17 2010
space code combo

Wallpaper Other
by ctcnsf

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3   Dec 15 2010