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Gerwin T , Netherlands
GDM Color flowers

GDM Themes by Arilena 4 comments

It looks good, but what if i don't use Ubuntu or just an other version of it? - Jun 08 2009
Ubuntu Marbles

Wallpapers Ubuntu by mixium 1 comment

I like the wat yoe have done whit the logo. But I don't linke the water effect - Mar 26 2007
Ubuntu Mixium

Wallpapers Ubuntu by mixium 5 comments

I like this wallpaper.

could you make a fullscreen splash that fits with it?

Maby it would look better when the White ubuntu part is lower down. - Mar 26 2007
Stargate atlantis city

GDM Themes by Ik12 1 comment

I like this gdm

Whit this progam you can make a screenschot >> Xnest - Dec 20 2006
GreenVille Icons

Icon Sub-Sets by dirceu 3 comments

When I install this theme it gives a error

The file is not valid
or somyhng - Jun 29 2006