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Giulio Camuffo Belluno, Italy
Plasma 4 Extensions
Qt5 Configuration Tool

Utilities 33 comments

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Jun 10 2020
Very nice, this is a great idea.
Just wondering, did you look into enabling reloading the settings for apps already running? Is it even possible? - Jan 28 2015
Snoopy [eng]

Plasma Comic Sources 3 comments

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Sep 24 2019
It doesn't work anymore for me, since like 3 weeks ago. It only shows a little snoopy pic, the same everyday. - Jun 05 2014
Grouping Desktop

Plasma 4 Extensions 93 comments

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Jul 24 2010
the package here is outdated, it is in the kdeplasma-addons package now, which you can get from - Jul 05 2011
you downloaded what? you must download the whole kdeplasma-addons package. - Jul 05 2011
How are you building it? you must run cmake in the kdeplasma-addons root directory, then you can 'cd containments/groupingdesktop' and run make there. - Jul 05 2011
strange, did you try to log out?
if yes then i'd suggest you to file a bug in your distro's tracker, and meanwhile you can compile it manually. - Feb 18 2011
did you download it from here? this version is quite outdated.
it is now in kdeplasma-addons so most probably your distribution does provide a package for it.
if not download a kdeplasma-addons tarball from and compile it.
you don't need to compile all kdeplasma-addons, though. just run "cmake -DCMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX=`kde4-config --prefix`" in the base directory, then go into containments/groupingdesktop and do make && make install - Feb 15 2011
no, the svn version requires trunk. even though i don't understand that error you won't be able anyway to compile it with 4.5 - Nov 21 2010
you really have "class Handle : public QObject, public QGraphicsObject" ? it is not like that in the source, that is just plain wrong. remove the "public QObject," - Nov 20 2010
groupingdesktop isn't in 4.5's kdeplasma-addons. you must download the sources and compile it, or wait for 4.6 - Nov 10 2010
no, it uses the translucent widget background and you can't change that.
it's a bit that i'm thinking if it should have a custom background, anyway it won't be changeable by hand. it would be defined by the theme, like everything in plasma. - Oct 02 2010
The svn version has a desktop containment (Grid Desktop) that snap its widgets to a grid. - Sep 25 2010
Just to let anyone know, for some time already the tabbing group in the svn version places its children in a grid. - Sep 21 2010
So, I've moved Grouping Desktop to kdeplasma-addons.
KDE now has a nice wiki with a lot of documentation for the users. If you're willing to help you could write some documentation at .
It would really be appreciated! :) - Aug 10 2010
Fixed on svn ;) - Jul 30 2010
ah ok, now i can see it. Yes, it's definitely broken. - Jul 29 2010
Hu, i didn't notice that. Anyway it seems it happens only when i click on a non selected icon. I'll investigate on that.

As regards the svg, currently GroupingDesktop is in the process of being moved into KDE, after that i can see what I can do :) - Jul 29 2010
I guess i could make it load a new svg, but then the theme creators would need to do it. ;)
On the other hand i find that the current background fits quite well, so i don't know. - Jul 29 2010

1) Yes, I can do that, but not so soon :) i don't find it so important, so i've other priorities.

2) I've already tried to do that. Actually it requires very little work, so expect to see it. I've only to decide some things like if it is better to do a new containment type or an option in the config dialog.

3) I don't think, sorry :) I find it rather unuseful while it requires a bit of work to do it. Without saying that it can be in the way when managing widgets. And with the new Activity switcher in 4.5 it will be anyway fast and easy to change it. - Jul 29 2010
Well, it has grouping support. So you can have more that one row and build more complex layouts. - Jul 25 2010
Currently it is not possible. I have however asked for the inclusion of this in trunk, so i hope to find a solution once it's in. - Jul 24 2010
It seems like KDE SC 4.5 doesn't install anymore the kephal headers.
I didn't notice this because i build trunk, so i have them anyway.
I've sent a mail to a KDE mailing list, so i hope i'll be able to have an answer early.

Anyway you can still compile the desktop if in the CMakeLists.txt you comment (putting a # at the start of the line) all the lines regarding the panel. - Jul 24 2010
I think so. Kephal *is* in kdebase-workspace as you can see on so it must be a package bug. - Jul 23 2010
i think it does that also, but i use it to read the size of the screen and set the panel width/height. - Jul 23 2010
so you're missing some package. I don't use ubuntu so i don't know the exact name but it should be something related to kdebase-workspace. - Jul 23 2010
oh right, i forgot about that. Thanks! :) - Jul 23 2010
can you check if you have the file /usr/include/kephal/screens.h ? - Jul 23 2010
i'm currently working on the panel, in fact most of the changes since the release of 0.1.1 are for the panel.
anyway there isn't a group that does what you want, yet. i want to do it but after i'm finished with the panel. - Jul 17 2010
uh-ho, that "QGraphicsItem::setParentItem: cannot assign 0x864adb0 as a parent of itself" doesn't look good. it means there's some troubles in the config file that causes a group to try to enter in itself. you must quit plasma and edit your $HOME/.kde4/share/config/plasma-appletsrc. locate the [Containment] section that contains a line that says "plugin=groupingdesktop", then remove all the sections titled with [Group] and [GroupInformation] below it.
You will lose all your groups but plasma won't crash anymore. - Jul 17 2010
when plasma crashes a window will appear, right? (if it doesn't appear anymore you have to quit and restart plasma with "kquitapp plasma-desktop" and "plasma-desktop". the next time that plasma crashes it will appear.)

in that window click on the "Developer information" tab, wait for it to load and copy the output on a pastebin, then link it here. - Jul 17 2010
hi, i didn't encounter that bug, but on svn i did a change that has likely fixed that.

anyway, as a workaround there is a safer, while harder, way to change the desktop to GroupingDesktop:
in a shell do:
-quit plasma with "kquitapp plasma-desktop"
-modify the file (~/.kde4 or ~/.kde)/share/config/plasma-desktop-appletsrc
locate in the file an entry titled [Containment][number] in which there is a line "plugin=desktop". change it with "plugin=groupingdesktop" and restart plasma calling plasma-desktop - Jul 17 2010
hi, i can't reproduce the crash, so i need more information. can you provide the backtrace? - Jul 17 2010

Plasma 4 Extensions 323 comments

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Jan 13 2010
thanks for working on this, if you send me the patch i'll make a new release with your fixes. - Jan 19 2011

does it happen with elegance only? - Dec 30 2010
System Tray

Plasma 4 Extensions 6 comments

by 8siem
Score 77.9%
Jan 18 2011
I like it, i think it would be a cool implementation, but it isn't doable with the current plasma.
*Maybe* with the Qt scene graph it will be possible, but i'm not so sure about it. - Jan 19 2011

Plasma Themes 58 comments

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Jan 06 2011
I installed the new version, and overall i really like it.
But if i may suggest a thing, i liked more the previous appearance of the pager applet when put in a panel, with little margins around it. - Jan 10 2011
I really like this theme, but unfortunately it is really incomplete. The logout dialog is the Air one (and since the text is white it isn't readable) and when compositing is off it is simply broken.

I hope you can complete it, keep up the good work! :) - Dec 19 2010
PlayWolf Elements

Plasma 4 Extensions 34 comments

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Oct 18 2010
Well, that is strange sice 0.2.2 doesn't introduce a single change in the code of the applets relatively to 0.2.1. All i modified was the .desktop files. Which version did you have before? - Oct 20 2010
1. So you'd want to disable the background? Why?

4. But Playwolf works with Amarok only. Anyway i have an idea that could allow me to do that.

Anyway I'm currently busy with Grouping Desktop, since the feature freeze is near. When i'll be tired of fixing bugs only i'll work on this :) - Oct 20 2010
1. Place background? I don't understand what you mean.

2. Makes sense, will do.

3. The Playwolf's one is a bit more complex to do but it is doable. And i agree it's more cool, so i could do it.

4. I don't know... it works with other players too, so why Amarok and not Juk, for instance?

5. Uh, it seems QLabel can render html. So there's the possibility you can already do it. Have you tried?

6. Makes sense.

7. See above :) - Oct 19 2010
Thanks for pointing that out, now you can update or wait for 4.5.3, which one you prefer :P - Oct 18 2010
thanks, i'll add it right now! - Aug 22 2010
ehh, one quarter of hour! :) - Jul 21 2010
Hey! :) i don't know how to do a PKGBUILD, you could do it yourself! ;) - Jul 21 2010
you're perfectly right, fool me. I forgot i don't use Plasma::Label anymore :/
I'll fix this right now, shouldn't be diffcult. - Jul 21 2010
but amarok places its icon in the system tray, so you can close it anyway in a matter of instants.
sincerely, i don't find this worth the work that would need, but you can try to make me change my mind! :) - Jul 20 2010
mmh, the font color should be told by the theme. do you encounter this problem only when using this, or for every label in plasma? - Jul 20 2010
thanks but, doesn't that page have a limited life-time? - Jul 08 2010

Plasma 4 Extensions 25 comments

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Jun 17 2010
ah, i thought you were talking about the normal, default desktop.
i hope to be able to find a solution for that in the future. - Jul 12 2010
This plasmoid has no way to go into KDE, unlike Grouping Desktop.
Surely Grouping Desktop has still limitations, like the panel still missing (why do you say that Grouping Desktop can't be used in the normal desktop? why do you want to do that? what are you missing?).
Anyway on the long run it is the right way to go. It allows more ease of development of different groups, without saying that this Container can't do many things. Try dropping some text on it, it won't create a Note widget like Grouping Desktop, and won't be able to gain many features added in libplasma which Grouping Desktop will get for free. - Jul 11 2010
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Jan 28 2015

Plasma Themes
by Saleel

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Dec 19 2010

Plasma Themes
by TheRob

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Jan 05 2010

Plasma Themes
by Kame2

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Sep 26 2009
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Sep 03 2009
Fluffy Bunny

Plasma Themes
by kaboon

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Apr 01 2009
Evolve KDE

Icon Sub-Sets
by Podstavsky

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Feb 15 2009
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9   Jan 28 2015

Wallpaper Other
by ipad

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9   Jan 23 2011
Ambiance plasma

Plasma Themes
by Scnd101

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9   Jan 03 2011
Activity Manager Plasmoid

Plasma 4 Extensions
by aavci

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9   Dec 17 2010
Light Black

Plasma Themes
by Okanda

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9   Dec 10 2010

by Scnd101

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9   Oct 31 2010
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9   Oct 20 2010
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9   Sep 23 2010
The beauty of Winter

Wallpaper Other
by Orladin

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9   Sep 22 2010