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glh Pimenta BH, Brazil
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Feather Sound Set

System Sounds 20 comments

Score 65.6%
Sep 14 2010
I added a mirror from Google Sites, probably you won't have problems now :) - Mar 23 2009
Tell me a hosting site that aren't blocked there and I host it and post an alternate link. - Mar 01 2009
Thank you for the feedback! All critics and complements are great for improving this and next projects.

Please send me a link if you write about it on your blog =D - Jan 16 2009
Sorry, but here the file is downloading without problems. I'll search for any problem that could be the cause - Jan 16 2009
I'm increasing the size of this set and probably some variations of a couple sounds might show up.

The feedbacks will be very important for me to guide some things in it, so thank you for your comment =] - Oct 08 2008
Opacue MediaSET

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Score 41.7%
Aug 22 2008
Thank you and everybody who liked it!
As soon as I finish the media set, Ill start to expand Opacue collection it won't take too long. - Nov 09 2007