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david tournaire
kde 4 without panel

KDE Plasma Screenshots by yagami 3 comments

I'll add that you can still launch kicker on top of plasma (or gnome panel ou xfce or ... panel) if you whant a panel but the plasma one. - Jan 27 2008
amaroK Web Collection

Amarok 1.x Scripts by pti-jean 8 comments

hum, I (gollum) am not the original poster, but did try to translate to help the original one (pti jean) to update.

Anyhow, I agree that pti jean listen strange music, but what I was more surprised by is this strange web browser he uses. What's that firefox ? never heard about it :-) - Oct 07 2007
amaroK Web Collection

Amarok 1.x Scripts by pti-jean 8 comments

I try to translate to englis as KDE-apps is an englis speaking site :

This script creates a HTML page containing your mp3 music collection, and allow you to easily animate your parties.

A visual tag (not sure it's the correct translation, my appologizes) show if a title is in the playlist. An other one show if the titles has already been played at a given time.
A click on a tiltle will add it to the playlist.

The proposed fields are "file", "artist", "title", "duration", 'access date" and "rating".
You can triage (mm, my english skills...) by "file", "artist", "title" or "duration" - Oct 07 2007
Kpapers: idea looks for developers!

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements by cbouveyron 25 comments

What about implementing it as a KIOSlave?

Just enter PDF:// and you have every PDF in the index stored in a three.
And when you click "open file" un KPDF, it defaults to "PDF://", hehe.

On the other hand, I think that Nepomuk + Strigi are about to fix this in KDE4, if I don't misunderstant. - Jul 06 2007

Utilities by vlvladimir 7 comments

He probably choosed this name because he is not french...

And, he, I had to read it twice after I read your comment to understand that it means...
( stop here If your eyes are easily hurt )
And I misspelled fuck on purpose, because it's misspeled if you read it as a french word. It's probably why I didn't understood the above comment.

In the end, it was fun. And it seems prety usefull if it could get well integrated as said above - Jul 06 2007
Jamendo Lyrics

Amarok 1.x Scripts by apachelogger 11 comments

Well, I may not have bean clear.
The scrip works great.
It's fast, damn fast, and super fast ^^ seems reliable until now ( didn't crash as many of them tends to do )

but what I was all about was the fact that just after I found the first song with lyrics, I went here to comment, and was surprised to see as your sreenshot exactly what I had on my onw screen - Jun 11 2007
Jamendo Lyrics

Amarok 1.x Scripts by apachelogger 11 comments

as soon as I saw that, I opened Amarok, opened tools to add this script, ans tried to download lyrics of my jamendo songs.
Unfortunatly, The scrip did answer that no lyric could be found.

But hopefully this is just the artist which as no lyrics, not the script fault.

And finaly, I get some lyrics.

Gess what, this is for Babushka, from Sislylé, the one of your screeny :)

At least, I was surprised by the speed of this scrip, half a second to say that nothing's available, and when something there is, one other half it needs. - Jun 11 2007
Kim (Kde Image Menu)

Graphic Apps by cbouveyron 197 comments


Nice utility.
I am using it to do conversion to svg.
I go this way :
Place the files I want to convert in a directory
select all
rightclick and use KIM to convert to pgm
then, in a konsole, i tape :
potrace -s *.pgm

May be nice to have this all done in a onshot only :)

Thanks for kim, looking forward to having potrace integration in it ( well, if you don't wand to depend on it, just use a popup saying that potrace needs to be instaled, and perhaps that it works only whith black and white ) - Jun 02 2007
KDE Four Live

Various KDE Stuff by javierllorente 51 comments

It's a pre alpha software so :

hardly anything will be OK.

Do not report bugs yet.

You may be disapointed. - Apr 28 2007

Screen Recorders by beligum 90 comments

Would be nice to add screenKast to ksnapshot, for instance whith a video tab or a drop down box to switch photo/video capture. - Apr 01 2007
Maxemum TV-Guide

Utilities by robmax 56 comments

Would it be possible to add a program to the kde agenda by a simple click ?

Or even ask for KDE TV to save the show on hard drive ?

It seems a good soft. - Mar 04 2007
Kdenlive: Call for Contribution

Desktop Concepts by sz332 15 comments

Video EDITING in koffice ???

I thought the video shape was here to display, say, a video inside Kpresenter, mostly.

Have you got a link ?
I'dd be ( hapily ) surprised. - Feb 26 2007

Amarok 1.x Scripts by xpaulbettsx 23 comments

How hard would it be to add KTorrent to download the torrent ?
It's just that I was never able to install Azureus, which needs java.
I saw azureus one time, and it seemed so slow, and unable to download anything ( it was behind the same wifi bow as I was ) when ktorrend never needed any configuration.

And, finaly, Amarok and KTorrent are both KDE. Will be more coherent marketing wise ^^ - Feb 19 2007
sky is open

Wallpaper Other by he-man 1 comment

Is it one of the new Duo X ?
The wing seems long to be a one persone glider, and thats the only 2place that I know which have breaks like that on wings.

I find these winglets very ugly on this photo, the ugliest in the world if you forget the pegase ones.
Are they eficient at least ? - Feb 07 2007

Browser by sniperbeamer 6 comments

Working to integrate webmonx in akregator may be nice, what do you think ? - Jan 27 2007

Beryl/Emerald Themes by SmokingJoe 5 comments

Haven't you a beter screen shot, whith the full desktop, kicker panels, konqui and karamba ?
We just can't preview anything. - Jan 17 2007
In fact, the point is mainly on connecting slow devices, not hight frequencies studies.
this would be more oriented towards Ktechlab than qucs or spice style apps. - Jan 14 2007
LedaX - EDA for Linux

Science by jegjessing 12 comments

when I work whith EDA at school, I have to print most of the results I get. I think that in the industrial world it is quite important too.

So I was thinking of adding facilities to export to Koffice for adding layout and text for making a good report of the work donne.
Adding integration whith a note taker may be good too ( LedaX create a new basket whith basket note pads and adds all the results in a list as PNGs or TXTs, so that you can easily find your different tests) - Dec 30 2006

KDM3 Themes by jagodragon 11 comments

If you have a camera, it's an easy solution for a screen shot.

People often forget that's possible.

On the other hand, this theme looks nice whithout the users/clock ... and I just hope you choosed a good police and color for the texts. - Dec 23 2006

Wallpaper Other by darkdelight 2 comments

I like the circles corssing each other and making a mix of pink and void curves.

But the text which "fall" into the hole seems misplaced, and may suit better more in the center, and no italic, and whith a more regular curve (not plate, curved , plate, but regulary increasing and decreasing) - Dec 07 2006

Wallpaper Other by psygone 2 comments

I like.
Both the original and the litle modified thing - Dec 07 2006

System Software by domseichter 83 comments

I don't know how it is in the last version, but whith 3.0.11 I'm not able to easily rename directory from the context menu.
When I right-click on one or more directory(s), I'd love to have both "rename files" and "rename directories" choice.

Thanks for the great work. - Dec 03 2006
Rent Vista?

Wallpaper Other by Triple777 1 comment

Whould it be possible to have the picture whithout the text ?

Thanks - Nov 18 2006

Wallpaper Other by alphanumericisgood 3 comments

Ok, so no porblem. - Nov 11 2006

Wallpaper Other by alphanumericisgood 3 comments

Nice wallpaper, but I would look at the license, you say the original is from esher, so may not be alowed to license it under the GPL. - Nov 02 2006

System Software by yogin 134 comments

Kleansweep is quite nice already, but the Remove duplicate file has a BIG issue :
When clicking "select all", it realy select every file, so you erase the original and the copy ! Thanks to the warning message, I avoid this catastrophe, but when you have 1,234 duplicates, you will spend a few hours selecting every file in the list.

I beleive the tool should search for every directory containing this files, then, group duplicated files in duplicated directories showing the compleate path, and the, you can choose to delete a directory ( in my case, it's albums of music and fotos which are duplicated, so il whill divide the number of clics by 5~10 ).
It may also be possible to erase the file whitch is the uper or downer in the file system ( for instance, delete /home/x/photo/double.png and not /home/x/photo/november2006/1st/double.png) - Nov 01 2006

Graphic Apps by segfault87 10 comments

But useless.
Isn't the joy of lego to search for a litle piece of plastic, clip it on an other, and then try your new super flying car ? Having crash tests ? :-D

But anyway, this kind of software is always funy.

And your's looks nice, even at pre-alpha stage.

Regards - Oct 17 2006

Wallpaper Other by rebe 1 comment

I just love this kind of things.
Thanks for the lauth :-) - Oct 11 2006
SSS (Screen Saver Stopper)

Utilities by mkosmul 9 comments

Why, if it's so simple to disable sreen saver, doesn't kapps use it ?

quote = Enforer :
dcop kdesktop KScreensaverIface enable true
dcop kdesktop KScreensaverIface enable false

for instance : when Kaffeine start to read a movie, it may just have to run a comand, an when the movie end, run a second command.
Doesn't seem very hard to imlement !

Perhaps should we ask for it to be done ? - Oct 04 2006
Special MAC

Wallpaper Other by wolfman3k5 3 comments

I just send it to a friend of mine, who is a Mac fanatic. - Sep 18 2006
User Customizable Actions to konqueror

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements by blurymind 9 comments

It's what I understand.
I tryed to add a service menu, but I gave up because I was fed up whith searching tutorial to explain how to do. - Sep 17 2006

Wallpaper Other by Phlox 3 comments

I just feel this form a litle bit sharp to be named Plasma.

Moreover, it's seem strange to have the "KDE desktop environement" writen in green and white. I 'd replace the white by à light blue or perhaps violet.

Otherwise, this is quite nice.

Now, about not the picture, I think it would be GREAT to post only one time for a artwork, whith 1 -> 3 preview, and a tar.gz whith every file. I'm fed up whith multi posting on kde-look.

Moreother, you will have any comments independently regarding to the resolution. - Sep 14 2006

Various KDE Stuff by fungmeista 18 comments

Or just make a filter to export from Kreceipes to php.... - Sep 02 2006

Developers Apps by elahav 46 comments

I also vote for sKope.
+2 - Aug 23 2006
kde3 xp style

KDE 3.5 Themes by speleoalex 265 comments

where's the blue screen of death ?

ok, I'm out -->[] - Aug 20 2006
The Curse

Wallpaper Other by g33z 2 comments

doesn't a wing miss to the flying dragon ?

But that's a nice wallpaper thought. - Aug 20 2006
amaroK Video Capable [MockUp]

Video Apps by menace1982 46 comments

I like both kaffeine and Amarok.
But why should the 2 software become one unique ?
I think it would be better to add a database support in Kaffeine, and better if it's compatible with Amarok, but a Video oriented DB.
And for Kaffeine, plug-in should be about finding subtitles in spite of lyrics, etc...

But a movie does'nt have the same properties to be known than a Music Album. So i dond't belive that Amarok may be Video capable. ( and no computer may ever be Vista capable :) - Jul 29 2006
Feisty Beryl

KDE Plasma Screenshots by seanbarman 25 comments

Nice screen shot

But how can you bear having 1499 unread RSS feeds :-O - Jun 08 2006
Baldur's Gate 2 KDM Theme

KDM3 Themes by eruart 10 comments

Nice screen shot
I Realy like it - May 14 2006

Graphic Apps by blackie 13 comments

I agree whith that.
It seems that they are so many free softwares that can do many things, but no one has every stuff in it.
Would'nt it be realy easyer if there were a Linux standard and every Distro compatible with it? I shoud download a .deb to instal in my mandriva, using a gentoo app ... but we are no dealing about KDE anymore here, but about every free software.

PS: sory, I didn't try KphotoAlbum: I have no KDE anylonger because of a bad reinstalation, and I am waiting for knowing more about debian or gentoo to instal instead of my mandriva. - May 10 2006