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Karl Zeilhofer

Various Games by coolgun 1 comment

i just tried your game. i really like the idea.
But the concentrical circles should get thinner going to the center of the game.

it looks like a tunnel, and if all tunnel elements have the same length, they must get smaller in the back, if you think in a perspective way. do you know what i mean?

as it is implemented now, you get the feeling, that the stones are accellerated while "falling" into the tunnel. this is due to the illusion, that the tunnel elements get longer, the more far away they are... - Feb 15 2011

Text Editors by Mezomish 80 comments

The last days i installed Kubuntu instead of Ubuntu.
I did nearly exactly the same installation as on Ubuntu and now the auto completion works as expected.
The main difference in this installation was, that i added the Qt-Libs to the search path in /etc/ instead of copying the libs to /usr/lib. And i never installed qt from the package manager. - Jul 19 2009

Text Editors by Mezomish 80 comments


it's me again.
Now i installed JuffEd also on my Ubuntu System from the sources (0.6.1).
Always, when the little Window with suggestions should appear under the cursor, the whole application loses its focus. That's very annoying.

So for now i disabled auto complete.
But i think, this is a bug.

I have installed:
Qt 4.5.2
QScintilla 2.4
cmake 2.6.4
ubuntu 8.04 LTS,
kernel 2.6.24-24-generic

kind regards,
Karl - Jul 16 2009

Text Editors by Mezomish 80 comments

I really like your editor! I also just made it my default editor on WinXP.

AND: it's written with Qt, and i like Qt :-)

Unfortunately i am missing code high lighting for *.m-files.
Is there a way to add this language by my own?

Keep on coding,
Karl - Jul 15 2009

Text Editors
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Jul 15 2009

Tactics & Strategy
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Various Games
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