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Kevin Flynn

GTK2 Themes by GrouchoMarx 7 comments

Yes, you need the "Murrine" (with an 'e') engine to render "Murrina" (with an 'a') themes. If you're using Ubuntu it *should* be installed by default, or found in the universe repository. Otherwise, you can get it here:

or here:

You also need the pixbuf (aka pixmap) engine to render the progress bar. Again, the pixmap engine should either be installed by default or found in the repositories. - Nov 22 2007

GTK2 Themes by GrouchoMarx 7 comments

Sure, the bar at the bottom is a light weight system monitor called "Conky". It should be available through your distribution's package manager. Before you can use it, you must create a .conkyrc file in your home directory that contains all formatting information.

I can post a link to my .conkyrc file, however you'll see that it's formatted to be 1600 pixels wide using tabs and absolute pixel values. If you want to use this scheme, and your screen is not 1600 pixels wide, then you will need to edit those values.


My .conkrc file:

This thread has lots of .conkyrc files: - Nov 07 2007