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Lukas Krejza Hradec Kralove, Czech Republic
Animated Video Wallpaper

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Oct 06 2009
I'm not sure if phonon already supports VDPAU and if yes, many distributions compile their xine packages (and other) without VDPAU support because it is still very unstable...
And also i'm not sure if phonon supports changes of video output drivers... I.E. i can switch video output driver in kaffeine 0.8 but cannot change it in kaffeine 1.0... - Sep 24 2009
Since it requires at least KDE 4.2 i can add repository for openSUSE 11 + KDE4 Factory if you wish. It cannot be compiled for stock KDE from openSUSE 11 or openSUSE 11.1 - Sep 24 2009
Yeah it works so flawlessly now... Thx much! :-)

I can provide packages for many distributions if you wish... Just let me know on my email gryffus [at] hkfree [dot] org... - Sep 22 2009
Thank you much for your fast replies.

Can we expect some improvements on video looping? What i mean is the flicker after end of video before it starts again, so it is usable almost only with videos with black start and end... - Sep 20 2009
How much CPU power does this eat on your systems?
On my Core2Duo CPU T7700 @ 2.40GHz, 4GB RAM and GeForce 8600M GT it takes 45 to 75 ( !! ) % of CPU on videos from
Should i convert it to some better supported format? - Sep 19 2009
Ok so got it working on the laptop 11.1+KDE4 Factory.
Packages will be soon ready @ buildservice and i will submit it to KDE4:Community repository later tomorrow.

Cause of my problems was packman AND VLC repo enabled at the same time which resulted in mixed set of ffmpeg libraries from both repos and caused strange bugs.
After i disabled VLC repo and updated all ffmpeg/xine/phonon/gstreamer stuff all works like a charm :-)

I will investigate the config ui stuff propably tomorrow.

Thank you genjix for your good work :-) - Sep 19 2009
Sorry but i have not access to my test system now, but i have tried to build on my laptop with openSUSE 11.1 + KDE4 Factory (4.3.1) and here all ui is OK, but when i select a video i get black wallpaper for one second and later it changes to white wallpaper... So no video :-(
kphononplayer is able to play the video.

Does your plugin work on both xine and gstreamer backends? Afaik ubuntu uses gstreamer backend, but me and propably others with this bug use xine backend. But i tried to switch backends without any success...
I will let you know if i investigate more. Do you need some logs? I can send you complete build log or whatever...

Feel free to concact me, i could help you with packaging for many distros... - Sep 19 2009
First of all thank you for this nice peace of plasma :-)

I have compiled your plugin in openSUSE BuildService - everything was fine, but after installation i cannot see any configuration dialog... What i did wrong?
This is screenshot of what i mean:

And here is compilation log:

Thank you for your help. - Sep 18 2009
Animated Video Wallpaper

Plasma Wallpaper Plugins
by genjix

Score 72.2%
Sep 17 2009