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Gustavo Barbieri

Various KDE Stuff by Braindead 12 comments

I hope it helps. - Dec 21 2004

Email by nascent 181 comments

Ebuild for KCheckGmail at:

Just untar to a portage or overlay dir and emerge it (considering your portage overlay is set to /usr/local/portage):

tar xjvf kcheckgmail-0.2.4.tar.bz2 -C /usr/local/portage

ACCEPT_KEYWORDS=~x86 emerge -av kcheckgmail

problems to - Sep 08 2004

Developers Apps by cpasteur 29 comments

I was talking about sub forms as new widgets.

I agree that using a new hand-crafted widget (using direct paint for example) is hard.

But having the possibility to use forms in other .ui file as components for other forms are a great feature! - Sep 02 2004

Developers Apps by cpasteur 29 comments

Could you please improve the support for external widgets?

Maybe the hand-coded widgets is hard to to, but I don't see why can't I just specify the widget .ui and it will embedded it in the editing document, so it'll be a full WYSIWYG UI editor.

Gustavo - Sep 01 2004

System Software by Lapinot 29 comments

Oh... :)

Why not use the apt-show:/package?

Just waiting the new version :D - Jan 13 2004

System Software by Lapinot 29 comments


The right align is really a personal thing :)

If you hide the "Search for File", you can put that in the head bar without bloating the whole visual. Maybe a box "[ ] files" with a descriptive tooltip should do.

About the list at the end. You can keep the link at the top, but add the possibility to show both (description + files) is a big plus, something like You can keep the old behaviour with the link at the top and add other in the botom to show/hide file list. Maybe you can even rememer this state :)

And, what about the Drag & Drop?

Good we will have shortcuts! - Jan 11 2004

System Software by Lapinot 29 comments

More wishes... (now that I'm using it)

In apt:/show?, the labels should be right aligned and multi-line should have the label left-aligned in a previous line, Ie:

Priority, Section, Installed-Size, ... should be right-algined.
Depends, Description, ... should be on a separate line, left-aligned, then should be a line with the contents.

The search form should be refactored. Search, Show and List the files of a package should be joined in just Search, if there's only one result, show it, otherwise, display the list (separated with a "exact match" if there's one), let the user view the package. Right below the package description we could have a {Show|Hide} Package Files, which display the list right there (below the package desc).
Maybe this search field could be in the blue-bar (heading), at the top-right.

Search for a File should be hidden somewhere, maybe you could have a checkbox "[ ] search for files too" or even a link to an advanced form.

These wishes are much easier to implement than the previous one, I hope to see them ASAP ;) Just kidding! You're great!

Keep the good job! - Jan 05 2004

System Software by Lapinot 29 comments


Good job!

Some things I would like to see:

apt:/ to show folders that represent the categories with the packages inside, so you could browse throught it. Maybe we could also use the sidebar. Dream: each category folder to have its own icon

apt-search:/ as suggested above. I like your solution to use web shortcuts.

Drag 'n' Drop Support: droping an .deb in some apt:/ should ask to install it... maybe it can be confusing, 'cause if you're in one category and drop a package from another, the package will not install in the actual one. Something to think.
Drag and drop package from apt:/ to trash could ask to uninstall the package.

An special sidebar: something beautiful and usable, with a search form in the top, some actions in the middle and the package/category tree in the bottom. Maybe these 3 parts could be configurable, or don't have the tree, cause user can have it using the VFS (kio_apt) tree.

Maybe some distro could sponsor you? Lindows or another one could benefit from that! They could get ride of their click 'n' run? - Jan 05 2004
Not quite kicker

Kicker Panel by fop 84 comments

1st I must say: YOUR IDEA IS WONDERFUL!!!


How about this "cards" to auto attract things the way WindowMaker does? I know you can move icons and stuff in KDE but it isn't cool like WindowMaker. Also icons explosion would be *really* cool and maybe I'll try KDE again when this is implemented.

Very good idea, and they say that open source isn't innovative!

Gustavo - Nov 28 2002