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James Smith Bronx, United States of America
Fedora Hat bubbles

Wallpaper Other by crumbut 1 comment

Very nice, I'm glad to see more Fedora artwork on here. - Aug 06 2006

Wallpaper Other by fonz2591 1 comment

It's a little out of focus. - Jul 28 2006
Small Cove

Wallpaper Other by LordIllidan 4 comments

very nice, just try to take it in a higher resolution next time please - Jul 25 2006
2 Timotheus

Wallpaper Other by troubleshoter 7 comments

It took and to live imperishably and eternally to the light brought power to death.
Er hat dem Tod die Macht genommen und das leben "unvergänglich und ewig" ans Licht gebracht. - Jul 20 2006

Wallpaper Other by rcbell 1 comment

I love it! Now lets get a movie poster with TUX, that KDE dragon, and a firefox (or better yet a fox on fire)! - Jul 18 2006