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by gway
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May 25 2002
Hi Ryo99,
Thank as always for your comments! I
think you are a wrong about people
not liking anime, though: dont you
think its a little extreme? I fancy
anime, and also find japaneese
culture very interesting (Im about
to take japaneese (language) lessons)
but I wouldnt find odd that someone
doesnt like it =)

Anyway, I was thinking about emailing
the kopete list/authors (kopete = the
icq|msn|aol KDE clone). Wouldnt it
be great if amor could alert you about
pending messages? I know that KDE
apps can tell amor to pop up a bubble
with text, but nobody uses. What do
you think?

Well, thanks for the comment ^_^ - May 26 2002
I think your comment is strange... you
are writing as if I were the only one
that could make these simple themes.
I will surely make something else,
but why dont you try to do one
youself? Or post some other ideas?
Like, what would you like? It would be
good to read something else than a
complain. - May 26 2002
Rei Ayanami AMOR theme

Amor Themes 3 comments

by mart
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May 21 2002
Nice sitter, Im downloading it right now =) - May 25 2002
2nd Anime Girl Splash

KDE 3.x Splash Screens 6 comments

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May 10 2002
I have just logged in with this splash screen =) - May 10 2002
Anime Splash

KDE 3.x Splash Screens 12 comments

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Apr 14 2003
Its great to see more anime stuff around here ^_^ . Keep it up!

- May 09 2002

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by gway
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May 04 2002
Thanks, but I dont see where the sprite is not clear enough... maybe
when it moves its leg? I agree, i spent some time trying to improve it
modifying its speed, without much results... =/
thx for the comment - May 04 2002
Love Hina's Naru

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by gway
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Apr 28 2002
I would do rei too, but I dont like the windows sitter's pic... if you have one, feel free to send it to me =) - May 01 2002
I have just uploaded ruri, plz tell me what you think about it.
I did recieve your mails, I sent you two, hope you got them. - May 01 2002
I havent seen Nadesico,
do you have a SD picture for me
to do the theme? - Apr 29 2002
I think I have seen SD images from
Ranma... I will give Shampoo a try
this weekend, if I get a picture
(remember I dont actually draw them
but retouch existing ones, and
pack them). If you have one please
send it to me (my email is in the
README file).

Stay tuned =) - Apr 29 2002
At last a comment!! (I was starting to worry about the lack of them) =D
I surely will. If you have any favourite character you want me to make, tell me.

Thanks for the comment =) - Apr 28 2002