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Matija Šuklje , Slovenia
Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements
Tulliana icon set

Icon Sub-Sets 34 comments

Score 37.4%
May 06 2006
It annoyed me so much that KNotes and Klipper icons looked the same that I've manually copied over the Klipper icon from 'actions' over the Klipper icon in 'apps'.

But the better solution would be to do that in the next version (maybe even bugfix release) of Tulliana itself. ;) - Jun 14 2008
Get YouTube Video (improved)

Konqueror 110 comments

by panzi
Score 62.0%
May 04 2012
Is it possible to use KGet for downloading and then open it in Codeine?

Downloading with KGet gives you the advantage to filter the download automatically to a folder (e.g. all videos into the video folder). - Jun 13 2008
Simple Smileys

Emoticons 7 comments

Score 55.0%
Jul 16 2009
I like them and will probably draw some inspiration from them for my :] - Jun 09 2008
Kopete Antispam Plugin

Chat & Messenging 47 comments

by alno
Score 58.0%
Dec 27 2009
Yes, I noticed the difference when I finally tried it. In any case, I'm going to use yours for now, since I haven't moved yet to KDE4. - Jun 09 2008
Here it is:

BTW, I just wrote an ebuild for Gentoo for your kopete-antispam plugin. :)

Also, you seem to have forgotten to change a message in the dialogue from "0.1" to "0.2" - Jun 09 2008
Is this the same plugin that Kopete 0.50 (in KDE4) uses for spam removal? - Jun 09 2008
I love you! :D

No more ICQ and Yahoo spam for me! :D - Jun 09 2008

KDE 3 Color Schemes 3 comments

Score 50.0%
Feb 01 2007
This is the first dark theme that I actually like ...a lot!

It goes really well with Polyester style, System++ deco :] - Jun 06 2008

System Software 105 comments

Score 70.0%
Jan 13 2018
If you put it into that perspective, it kind of makes sense. :)

Thanks for the explanation. Can hardly wait for the backup restoration feature :] - Mar 08 2008

I just opened an archive for the first time and found out that every file in the TAR is being bzipped.

I suppose this has to do with optimisation of compression of each file individually instead of the whole archive, but I see two problems with it:
  • I back up my whole home dir, which makes it very hard to just untar to restore — but I see a restoration system/UI is already on your ToDo list ;)

  • Currently it compresses every file it finds even already compressed ones, which in turn produces extentions like .tar.gz.bz2,.bz2.bz2 .tgz.bz2,.zip.bz2 etc.

  • Otherwise, I find it quite a nice app. I'm already switching after using KDar for two years ...when these two quirks get sorted out, I'll be a very happy user indeed :D - Mar 08 2008
    Cool, thanks. Now I only have to figure out what the settings for LC_COLLATE are. :] - Mar 08 2008
    The order the files and folders are listed still bothers me in 0.5.4 (although a *lot* less then in 0.5.3).

    What I would expect is:
    * capital letters before small letters (e.g. 'Gamma' before 'alfa')
    * hidden files/folders before normal ones (e.g. '.kde/' before 'foo')
    * folders before files (is already in 0.5.4)

    It really bothers me when I back up my home directory, since there are a lot of hidden files and folders in it and I use capitalise most the names of my own folders so my home's more organised. - Mar 08 2008

    System Software 33 comments

    Score 50.0%
    Mar 26 2007
    I've just recently started to use QuadKonsole and quite like it — it does what I miss in Konsole.

    But there is one thing that I miss in QuadKonsole — Konsole sessions. For instance I would like one of the konsoles in the grid to be a "Administrator session" as I have it defined in my Konsole settings. Would this be possible to do?

    Btw, what would make QuadKonsole seriously kick arse, is if it had an possibility to resize the konsoles (even more so, if it would have a kind of a window manager of its own ...imagine like having several Konsole/Urxvt windows open in dwm/wmii) :D - Jan 30 2008

    ODF Presentations 7 comments

    Score 50.0%
    Dec 28 2007
    I can only second to that!

    ..and, welcome to Linuxland, I hope you'll enjoy the stay :] - Dec 29 2007
    Fahrenheit Window Decoration

    KDE 3.x Window Decorations 50 comments

    Score 50.0%
    Dec 09 2007
    That's too bad. On the mockups I can actually see what I was waiting for for years.

    I sure hope some enthusiast takes on this amazing windeco and develops it further. - Dec 09 2007
    Recipe Book Template

    Scribus Templates 8 comments

    Score 50.0%
    Nov 30 2007
    It would be great to see a port of this template for KRecipes as well :] - Dec 03 2007
    cocoa puffed

    KDE Plasma Screenshots 4 comments

    by beany
    Score 50.0%
    Nov 11 2007
    Looks very nice :]

    Did/will you publish your icons? - Nov 12 2007
    Score 50.0%
    Jan 03 2008
    It would be nice if the version number showed a change happened and also a ChangeLog would be great, if you would find the time.

    Thanks :] - Nov 02 2007 just made my day ..I would rather have a Kile-like editor/environment for ConTeXt, but Kate highliting is second best :D

    Thank you, thank you, thank you just may have saved a noobie to stay with ConTeXt. - Oct 31 2007
    KDE Four Live

    Various KDE Stuff 51 comments

    Score 63.3%
    Feb 13 2011
    I would like to have an AMD64 version, if possible. The i686 0.5 version stops on my amd64 laptop on modprobing rd. - Oct 23 2007

    Various Games 26 comments

    Score 50.0%
    May 08 2008
    './configure && make' works just fine on my Gentoo amd64.

    Great work. Thanks :D I only have to figure out how the controls settings work. ...but after the exams tomorrow! - Oct 07 2007
    Don't worry. Your effort is greatly appreciated :] - Oct 06 2007
    Then it breaks on "make".

    I have both Qt 3 and Qt 4 installed on my Gentoo amd64. - Oct 01 2007

    Amarok 1.x Scripts 16 comments

    Score 50.0%
    Oct 26 2009
    It would be great if the user could choose the desired quality in the Amarok Scripts interface.

    Otherwise I like it a lot :]

    p.s. AFAIK frodrigo is right. Maybe if you would just use parts of the script that is mp32ogg and modify them? - Oct 03 2007
    White Emoticons that work

    Emoticons 13 comments

    by H00K
    Score 62.5%
    Aug 20 2009
    Great to hear you like them :D

    I still have it on my TODO list, but have some more urgent matters to attend to (e.g. exams).

    If you have any suggestions about them whatsoever — like how a smiley that I haven't yet included should look like — just say it! :) - Sep 25 2007
    I just tested 0.4.1 on Gaim/Pidgin to make sure I got it right this time - and it works as it should. :]

    Don't be shy about posting any comments or suggestions. :] - Jun 01 2007
    CoverFlow for amarokFS

    AmarokFS 15 comments

    Score 50.0%
    Mar 22 2007
    On my widescreen laptop (1280x800) this theme didn't work so well, so I tweaked the .xml of it to make it look proper.

    If anyone is interested in the 1280x800 version, just ask me. I don't intend to spam kde-look with just another resolution version of the same theme. - Sep 23 2007
    Jetstream Wallpapers

    Wallpaper Other 3 comments

    Score 50.0%
    Jun 05 2007
    Understandable, but then at least don't mark them as SVG Wallpapers, if they're not.

    Thanks for the .svg and let's hope the blur gets into KDE 4 :] - Jun 05 2007
    In the tarball I get three PNG's, but no SVG. - Jun 05 2007
    Bubbliki chat style

    Kopete Styles 13 comments

    Score 50.0%
    Dec 20 2006
    Sorry for the false alarm — I figured it out by accident.

    It seems I was running fonts in Kopete at more then 100%.

    I just used ctrl+scrool_wheel to scale it down again.

    My bad. - May 23 2007
    I really like this style, but something bothers me a lot about it - for some reason it's the only Kopete style that I use that doesn't use the same size of font that I have set.

    Basically the font in Bubbliki is almost twice as big as my normal font ...which you can imagine makes it fairly annoying.

    I would really appreciate it, if you could fix this (or at least tell me how to). - May 10 2007
    improve kdict or start a new dictionary

    Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements 9 comments

    by H00K
    Score 50.0%
    May 16 2004
    Yes, I've seen this and I've already installed it. KSlovar really is a very good option, but lately I've been to busy to think about it.

    I really might do it with KSlovar at some point.

    p.s. sorry for the ultra-late reply. - May 21 2007
    White Emoticons

    Icon Sub-Sets 3 comments

    Score 50.0%
    May 10 2007
    I liked these "icons" so much I turned them into emoticons myself:

    Which brings me to another question. These icons seem to be double-licensed:
    1) under the GPL from you (the author) here on kde-look.
    2) as freeware under the "FastIcon Commercial License" on you seem to have published these icons first.

    The situation as it is, is a bit complicated, so I'm asking you to clarify it to me.

    Untill then I (also as a law student) take it that as you are the author and have published them on kde-look under GPL that my derived version is also bound to the GPL (and not subject to that other license). - May 12 2007
    Oh, and an emoticons.xml file would be nice as well ;) - May 12 2007
    Looks great. :]

    But please, move them to "Emoticon Themes", where they belong. - May 11 2007
    walking girl

    Wallpaper Other 2 comments

    Score 50.0%
    Mar 27 2007
    I like it ...I'd just have two suggestions:

    - could you make it so the girl wouldn't have so rough edges (think antialiasing) - if everything was smooth it would look so much better.
    - and while you're at it, could you make it in PNG, since there are not that many colours it will look crisper (no loss in quality) in PNG, while still not being too big - Mar 27 2007
    Green scheme

    KDE 3 Color Schemes 2 comments

    by javo
    Score 50.0%
    Mar 25 2007
    It is not easy to judge the "niceness" of the scheme from the screenshots, since they are low quality.

    I suggest you save screenshots in PNG, because it is a lossless format and therefore does not lose quality with compression (while JPEG does lose it). - Mar 26 2007

    Karamba & Superkaramba 3 comments

    by lexus
    Score 50.0%
    Mar 02 2007

    ...especially practical if you set them to be on top of all windows. - Feb 28 2007
    SuSE kameleont (amor)

    Amor Themes 1 comment

    Score 50.0%
    Feb 24 2007
    It's a pity no-one really makes amors anymore ...I'm so happy someone made a new one (although I don't use Suse and would prefere an animated one anyway).

    I hope more people find enjoyment in making amors :] - Feb 28 2007
    Yahoo Avatars

    Karamba & Superkaramba 7 comments

    Score 50.0%
    Dec 18 2007
    Eh, damn. And me here on AMD64 on a laptop with an Ati X600 ...It'll probaby be some time before I install Beryl. - Jan 02 2007
    Where did you get those slowflakes from? a Karamba theme? - Dec 31 2006
    Polar Theme - Preview 5

    Full Icon Themes 44 comments

    Score 43.0%
    Feb 23 2007
    I like it! On one hand it's very easy on the eyes and I imagine it would work awesomely with a blue-ish or ice-like coulour scheme!

    ...I just hope this icon theme will work with KDE 4 as well - I positively loathe those flies/zips on archives! - Jan 02 2007
    Kteatime icons

    Icon Sub-Sets 6 comments

    by vidak
    Score 50.0%
    Oct 14 2007
    A lot better, thank you :]

    Now the tea timer is cut a bit on the bottom, but that's not such a bit issue.

    I've got an idea though - is it possible to make the steaming animation in three frames? An aditional frame would make a world of difference in the animation!

    Hehe, I know it might sound stupid, but KTeaTime is one of my favourite applications ever! And people actually ask me where I got it!, yea, KTeaTime IS a KDE killer app in my view. - Oct 23 2006
    I've just noticed that the mug from new.up seems to be jumping when steaming.

    It's just a matter of a pixel or two vertically. (the frame with steam is higher then the normal stance) - Oct 18 2006
    I've been waiting for yeaaaars for a KTeaTime makeover! I was only a month away from doing it myself!

    Thanks, it looks great at works a lot better with the rest of the icons. - Oct 18 2006
    Amarok: wallpaper 1280x1024

    Various Artwork 4 comments

    Score 50.0%
    Aug 31 2006
    Any chances getting this wallpaper as SVG - for us "poor" widescreen users? - Aug 27 2006

    Full Icon Themes 56 comments

    Score 63.5%
    Mar 14 2008
    I agree to the previously posted - why not publish it as SVG (as well)?

    It's looking good though - keep up the good work :] - Aug 15 2006
    Thanks, that solved it.

    The theme looks nice, I only miss that not all file/mimetypes are done already (e.g. coloured folders, video folders). - Aug 15 2006
    It doesn't seem to work (the icons just looks as default) on my install - neither using the tarball directly nor the tarball made by buildsh.

    Plus, I get tons of errors from ImageMagick on running buildsh:
    convert: symbol lookup error: /usr/lib64/ImageMagick-6.2.8/modules-Q16/coders/ undefined symbol: png_get_asm_flags

    Otherwise it looks like a very nice iconset - too bad I can't try it out.

    Gentoo Linux, AMD64, KDE-3.5.2., ImageMagic- - Jul 28 2006
    FALF Player

    Audio Apps 122 comments

    Score 50.0%
    Aug 14 2008
    This reminds me a bit of JuK (in its early stages) ...which shouldn't mean anything bad! - Aug 10 2006
    WorkFlow Plasmoid

    Plasma 4 Extensions
    by Psifidotos

    Score 82.1%
    Apr 01 2013
    Score 70.0%
    Apr 01 2013

    Plasma 4 Extensions
    by dmakovey

    Score 82.4%
    Apr 27 2011

    Plasma 5 Applets
    by diVinae

    Score 83.0%
    9   May 18 2020
    This does exactly what I want, thank you so much! The only “issue” I see is that in a larger panel it just uses a scaled-up icon, which looks a bit ugly.
    Candy icons

    Full Icon Themes
    by eliverlara

    Score 91.1%
    8   May 21 2019
    Looks great on dark themes, adds a splash of colour. There are still a few icons missing, but I’m very much looking forward to seeing this further developed :D

    Various Stuff
    by gway

    Score 58.0%
    9   Mar 30 2016

    Plasma 4 Extensions
    by geflei

    Score 84.4%
    9   Jun 16 2014
    M4qu3l4n-01 Bespin

    by m4qu3l4n

    Score 58.6%
    9   Jun 05 2014
    Score 79.0%
    9   Apr 18 2014
    Score 67.1%
    9   Aug 05 2013

    by frag

    Score 63.3%
    9   May 19 2013

    Full Icon Themes
    by tercel

    Score 80.6%
    9   Apr 01 2013
    Score 70.0%
    9   Apr 01 2013
    WorkFlow Plasmoid

    Plasma 4 Extensions
    by Psifidotos

    Score 82.1%
    9   Apr 01 2013
    Score 63.3%
    9   Jan 26 2013
    Orologio Italiano

    Plasma 4 Extensions
    by OpenNingia

    Score 76.7%
    9   Mar 13 2012

    Full Icon Themes
    by acidrums4

    Score 81.5%
    9   Mar 11 2012
    Dark Obsidian

    Plasma Color Schemes
    by Scias

    Score 72.2%
    9   Jan 31 2012

    Aurorae Themes
    by mcder

    Score 72.2%
    9   Dec 21 2011
    Rat Pack

    Plasma Themes
    by saftsocken

    Score 76.7%
    9   Oct 01 2011

    Plasma 4 Extensions
    by unknownSpirit

    Score 78.7%
    9   Aug 04 2011
    Girls With Slingshots

    Plasma Comic Sources
    by Arucard

    Score 58.0%
    9   May 02 2011

    Plasma 4 Extensions
    by dmakovey

    Score 82.4%
    9   Apr 26 2011
    Twokinds (en)

    Plasma Comic Sources
    by Sword2

    Score 63.3%
    9   Apr 10 2011
    Score 78.6%
    9   Mar 21 2011

    Plasma Color Schemes
    by mcder

    Score 70.0%
    9   Mar 20 2011
    Fractilly 11 ws

    Wallpaper Other
    by linuzoid

    Score 75.5%
    9   Mar 18 2011

    Plasma 4 Extensions
    by ibuscher

    Score 75.3%
    9   Feb 12 2011
    KDM Dreams

    KDM4 Themes
    by rezz

    Score 74.6%
    9   Jan 27 2011
    Moodbar Generator

    Amarok 2.x Scripts
    by ZLv

    Score 80.6%
    3   Jan 25 2011
    Oxygen Neon

    by qwerta

    Score 83.1%
    9   Jan 23 2011
    Smells Like Heaven

    Wallpaper Other
    by ivanblago

    Score 62.0%
    3   Dec 27 2010
    Obsidian Green

    Plasma Color Schemes
    by Tifauv

    Score 58.9%
    3   Dec 10 2010
    Damn you, Murphy!

    Wallpaper Other
    by debian1993

    Score 68.5%
    3   Nov 21 2010
    Pooch Cafe

    Plasma Comic Sources
    by keithzg

    Score 46.0%
    3   Oct 22 2010
    Gunnerkrigg Court

    Plasma Comic Sources
    by konny77

    Score 46.0%
    3   Oct 22 2010