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Mark Bodenheimer Lexington, United States of America

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Apr 18 2007
Sorry...I guess I just get too excited sometimes.

I want to give back to the KDE and Linux community...where else could you get such a wonderful OS for free? - Apr 04 2007
Perhaps...if you could show me an example, the proper icon name and if it goes in the /apps folder? - Apr 04 2007
Nope...just KXDocker with Tempered Glass background I ported from ObjectDock.


HaMMeR=GoM= - Apr 03 2007
Yes it is Baghira...the trick is to use Gimp to turn the kicker background included in the Baghira source upside down.
The sidebar looks better if you google baghira and find the baghira tutorial.

The Baghira Starter is my little Fedora mod and the Spotlight icon is Kerry Beagle. - Apr 03 2007

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Apr 18 2007
Baghira - Apr 04 2007
You are a true gentleman gryphen.

Thank You and if you find any of my attempts at art useful, please feel free to make them better and use them. Your artistic talents are awesome dude.

I'm updating all my posts to include you now and again I apologize.


HaMMeR=GoM= - Apr 03 2007
Thanks...I've fixed it :-) - Apr 03 2007
install imagemagic for convert :-) - Apr 02 2007
I am deeply sorry gryphen. You are correct I should have asked your permission. I am new to the Linux themeing community. I only felt that your openoffice icons were the best of the best.

I would very much like to use them in this set. I would of course give you all of the credit that you deserve.

I am not out for glory at all. I only claim my creations. I want these iconsets to be what the community wants. I for one want beautiful high quality icons on my desktop.

If you like I will remove them from the iconsets.

I will now, although a little late ask your permission to include them. they are the best. I try and acknowledge the talent of the people who created this art.

A lot of the icons are mine but like most KDE iconsets are a community effort. Isn't that what linux is supposed to be about?


HaMMeR=GoM= - Apr 02 2007
Added Trashcan icons and Sidebar icons :-) - Mar 25 2007

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Apr 18 2007
Fogot to mention...Baghira for the Fedora Starter and for the Side bar in Konqueror. - Apr 03 2007
Yes the top menu bar is KDE'S OSX style bar skinned with my customized for Fedora Starter and a Spotlight icon for Kerry beagle.

The Dock is KXDocker with Tempered Glass background that i modded from an ObjectDock theme:-) - Apr 03 2007

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Apr 01 2007
Please download the set again. I've added the kmenu, amarok and konversation icons and fixed the open folder. - Apr 01 2007