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hans klaus

Various KDE 1.-4. Styles by jazztyle 9 comments

Hi jazztyle,

Thank You very much for this info:

The font used for the clock is called HandelGotDBol. Its part of the handelgot fontset, but sadly its a commercial font and i dont know where to get it...

I found a similar version under this link:

The wallpaper is part of the gnome desktop, and you can download it here:

Thank You !

I dont know what problems you have with QTcurve. If you use a precompiled package for your distro, i would recommend building the latest QTcurve from source and see if thats better...

Sorry, I installed qtcurve via apt - and it just installed the gnome version only (I trusted the apt automatism too much ;). - Dec 07 2006

Various KDE 1.-4. Styles by jazztyle 9 comments

very, very nice and artistic theme !

I like it very much.

Could you please tell us, what font for the kicker clock you have used ?

And where does one find this nice orange flower wallpaper ?

Thank You very much in advance,

by the way: Qtcurve seems to have some problems under my KDE3.5.5 installation - Dec 05 2006