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UI enhancement (KDE 3.1.3)

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements by equinoxe 139 comments

I got the patch to work with kde-3.1, without the kicker panel arrow patch.
I had to edit all the patches and mess with shadowwidget lol.
It can't seem to find nomatter how you compile it, but it does work if you LD_PRELOAD in a .sh file and use that to execute it.
It took a bit of work, but this looks AWESOME. Thanks ALOT!!!
Now if it would only work for filemanager fonts...
If you're interested I can post a tarball somewhere with the edited patches and an instruction file.
Thanks again. - Feb 12 2003
I have xfree86 4.3 rc 1 (aka, but can't find:

I suppose 'target' will work for crossed_circle (strange) and 'sizing' for the corner-resize arrows (the other two icons i am mising are top left+bottom right, and top right+bottom left window resize arrows).

Are the 'icons' (cursors) just not a complete set yet - do they plan on adding more? Because if they don't add those two 'combined' cursors for top left+bottom right, and top right+bottom left then qt or kde DOES need a patch.

As it is there are only 4 seperate cursors (even if there are two sets), one for each corner. I don't see any combine diagonal cursors anywhere.

Otherwise this seems to work though. - Feb 11 2003